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VTR 250 Facelift

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Master Shake, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hey, so I wasn't entirely sure whether the subject of this thread fell within the 'maintenance and appearance' category or 'modifications and projects'; realistically it is somewhere in between so hopefully i'm not shot down for putting it in here. Moving on.

    As I alluded to in my thread in General Discussion, I recently came off my bike thus sustaining some damage. Regrettably I hit the deck at around 70km/h and it seems like my staintune pipe took the grunt of the force to the extent that the end closest to the engine has been ground down significantly (instead of being cylindrical it's now flattish). As such, I'll most probably need a new pipe. Assuming that insurance will cover it (and as such $$$ is inconsequential), what pipe would everyone recommend?

    Obviously the staintune is a quality product, but i've been looking at neptune, megacycle and roo racing pipes and they all seem pretty legit. I've used the search function and anecdotally all of these pipes have had good reviews. However, is one better than the others? Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

    On top of that my front brake lever snapped off, from what I take it this should only cost around $20 for a new one. Is it worth trying to do myself or if insurance is picking up the tab should I just get my mechanic to do it? Lastly the front right indicator shell has snapped off, well, it's still partially connected but I suspect it will probably require replacing. Does anyone know a ball park figure for how much this will cost?

    The reason i'm asking all these things is because if the total isnt too high then i'll pay for the repairs myself and spare the insurance excess/premiums. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Whats the excess going to cost? A new Staintune will cost around $700 and maybe around $50 to replace the indicator. Is there any paintwork damage? Any damage to your bar ends or mirrors? If you have an excess of $700-$800 and there is paintwork damage I'd be going through insurance.
  3. :shock:

    My VTR250 Megacycle muffler (oval-shape) was $450 installed!
  4. My neptune cost me $400 and took me 20 minutes to install..

    To be honest, on a 250 changing the exhaust adds little to no difference to power output only a lovely deep twin sound!
  5. I took the bike in today and a few minor things came to light which I hadn't previously noticed. Firstly there is a small dent in the tank, although it's not very visible if claiming under insurance it's certainly worth fixing. I also discovered that it's not just the brake lever which has broken off but the entire right unit/component. I.e it snapped off closer to the handle bar so the damage is beyond just the lever. The side mirror also needs fixing, as does the handle bar and rear brake lever which have both been ground down substantially, not to mention the staintune.

    My excess is $1000 ($500 base plus $500 additional for 21-25 age bracket) but considering all the small things which need to be done I think it's worth paying for.

    Do I even have a choice with the muffler if the insurance is covering or will it just replace the staintune that I had? Too be honest I was quite happy with the staintune but I thought i'd hear out any recommendations on the alternatives.

    Thanks a lot guys!
  6. aftermarket blinkers are only around $20 a pair if you can do the wirings yourself :)
  7. Did you list the Staintune as a modification when you took out the insurance policy? If you didn't then they will probably just put a stock exhaust back on, maybe you could do a deal with the repair shop and pay them the extra cost of the staintune.
  8. if there's tank damage i'd make a claim. If you're looking to sell the bike soon then repair it and sell in fixed condition. If you're holding onto it for a year+ it might be an idea to just fix the indicator/lever and keep the pancaked pipe as is, then if you have another oops in 6 months you can make a claim later.