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vtr 250 engines

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by joël, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. heya,

    There is a vtr250 for sale over here, and it has 40,000kms onit. I was woundering if anyone knows how long these engines can last (same as spada), cause the last thing i would want if for my 1st bike to breakdown when i'm on a students budget :wink:

    Also what do u think a good price for this bike should be, its a '99 model in 'imaculate' condition with a Staintune pipe. Ballpark figure?

    So yeh anyone know of a vtr250 engine thats done heaps of k's with no probs or heaps of probs, pleas do tell :) .

    Thanks for any imput,

  2. vtr250

    keep in mind this bike was $6990.00 rec retail new in 99.
  3. Hey Joel

    I bought my 1999 VTR with only 9600kms on it for $5200. Immaculate condition also. Purchased Oct 2004.

    Not sure what kind of figure one with 40,000kms would go for.

    No problems with mine at all.
  4. Check bikesales.com.au or bikepoint for what's on sale for the pricing.
    If properly serviced then they should last very well. I've heard of 60K Spadas. :D

    The only issues I know of are instrument needles which are prone to UV damage and breakage. DAMHIK

  5. thnx all for the replies, but unfortunatly the bike was sold before i could get it. it went for $4,000 if anyone wants to know.

    So back on the search... :( :LOL:
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  7. If anyone is interested in a Spada, my daughter is putting hers on the market.

    Just had a full 24,000k service from Redwing Honda & it's in lovely condition. She asked Redwing to check it thoroughly & replace anything necessary. They didn't find any issues.

    She's intending to head overseas in a few months & she's putting a starting price of $4,000 - negotiable on it with rego till (I think) October. (She thinks she's going to be borrowing the Beemer till then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: )

  8. I have a VT250F, '87 model (248cc Vtwin, same engine as the Spada) with 62,000 on the clock and it's running just fine. As long as these engines have had regular oil changes they're pretty bulletproof.
  9. Any of the VTR VT motors are good, keep them serviced and they will last for ever..