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VTR 250 engine oil

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by pastafarian, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I'm going to be doing an oil+filter change either today or tomorrow - first oil change I will be doing (The bike has done just over 35 500km)

    Here's the list of oils I can use from the workshop manual:

    Now I've read some threads here where the penrite HPR GAS 10 10w-50 is recommended (its around $42 at supercheap for 5ltrs)

    Also Castrol activ4t 15w-50 which is $32.95 for 4 ltrs.

    Would the penrite be better due to being 10-50 instead of 15-50 even know it isn't labelled as a motorcycle oil? And are these actually suitable for my bike at all going by the chart/kms it has done?

  2. I use castrol something in a gold bottle in my VTR250. It works.

    Avoid non-motorbike oils as they can have friction modifiers which make your wet clutch interesting. (Doesn't apply to Ducati's of course).

    You won't notice the difference between 10W and 15W unless you live somewhere where it snows.
  3. Penrite have a new 10W-50 MC-4ST Motorcycle Oil http://www.penriteoil.com.au/products/motorcycle-oils/mc-4st_(4_stroke)_semi_synthetic_10
    I think in the blurb somewhere it says it is suitable for engines recommended to use 10W-40 - found it ( http://www.penriteoil.com.au/pis_pdfs/MC4ST 10W50 SEMI SYNTH FOUR STROKE MOTORCYCLE OIL OCT 2011.pdf ):

    All four stroke motorcycle engines that require SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40 engine oils.
    Suitable for diesel and petrol powered agbikes.
    Suitable for use in four stroke motorcycle engines with wet clutches.
    Can be used in other petrol and diesel engines in cars, 4WDs, generators and agricultural equipment. "

    It's a new Oil so you'll need to check if it is stocked. Someone here found some at Autobarn. Repco and Supercheap stock Penrite.
  4. I saw that when the penrite website decided to start working again! looks the goods. Also the HPR GAS 10 states 'May be used in four stroke motorcycles.'
  5. Don't shop price. Just use a name brand motorcycle specific oil.
    Even if a car oil says it can be used in a motorcycle, remember your motor is a high performance engine compared to a car.
    +1 on the friction modifiers. They can totally stuff up your clutch, will make it slip & 'might' come good when you change the oil back to the proper type.
    If not, you'll need a new clutch! :(
    The Penright is a semi-synthetic & not really required for your bike. I'd stick to the Castrol Active 4t.
    More than adequate for the VTR 250 & don't forget the oil filter at each oil change, cheap insurance!

    Add- Just noticed the gas10 is for LPG vehicles, you not telling us you have an LPG bike!!! :rofl:
    Gas 10 is probably ok for bikes with dry clutches but I wouldn't trust it in a VTR
  6. I went to supercheap yesterday and got the filter.. Not only does the penrite GAS say it can be used in four stroke motorcycles it states it is 'ideal'! haha so I got it. It's 5 ltrs so I will be able to do two full 2.1ltr oil+filter changes. It also doesn't have friction modifiers.
  7. i use belray exp 10w40.
    if i didnt use that it would be motul (that stuff is good, specially the 5100, with motul the higher the number the better the quality)

    my dirtbikes run belray thumper (same stuff the guys i work with use in their race bikes)
  8. I use Motul 5100. I like to use semi synthetic oil in my car and bike.

    VTR250 has a high redline so use good oil as you will be revving the bike out.
  9. I went to western motorcycles and they had a special on motul 10w40 and a genuine filter for $70.. Threw that in..easy as!
  10. :angel:
  11. Hi all.

    I just bought the vtr and planning to change oil n filter,is there any website to guide me through to change the engine oil and filter?

    What is the filter can i use for the 1999 Vtr?

    Thx guys.
  12. any 10w40 or 10w50 semi synthetic oil,
    that is motorcycle specific!
    motul is usually recomended as a good oil,
    but i recomend ipone, as it is cheaper and equal if not better

    use a genuine honda filter, after market is only a few $ cheaper making it imo not worth the risk
  13. Except Honda don't actually make oil filters but rather outsource the work to those very same aftermarket oil filter manufacturers.

    HiFlo and Vesrah brand filters are readily available and better than OEM Honda in terms of quality, but often considerably cheaper. You could also try K&N, though the only real benefit there is a nut on the end of the filter itself which makes removal/installation a lot easier. A good comparison of filters can be found here:
  14. Thanks for the recommendation of oil and filter.

    Do you know of any website which give step by step guide to change oil and filter? Dummy guide for new bike owner or etc? Tried to explore youtube - no success.
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  15. It's internal.

    Good guide. Can't go wrong.

    If you're in Sydney and need assistance i might be able to help as long as its just the oil and filter change
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  16. I did an oil and filter change on my VTR250 yesterday.

    Super easy (well I think... I am not the most mechanically experienced person but I am pretty sure I didn't make any stuff ups)

    I think getting a genuine Honda spare filter would be the better idea. You can use KN-111 oil filters on the VTR250, but the Honda spares come with replacement O-rings for the thing that holds the filter. It's an internal filter.

    I also got a replacement soft metal washer for the sump plug. No idea if this is necessary... so maybe if anybody knows what they are doing, they can correct any mistakes I made!

    If you look at the sump of your bike, there should be a 12mm bolt in the middle of a circular looking protruding thing. If you unscrew this and pull it out, you will find that it is some assembly that holds the filter cartridge. You can pull the filter off this, and replace the O-rings on this assembly thing.

    There is also a 17mm (I think) bolt, behind a little protector metal tab thing. This is the sump plug. It has a soft metal washer on it. I unscrewed it and let the oil drain out over about 1 hour, giving it a shake every now and then to try and get the last bits out. Put a new soft metal washer on it, put the bolt back, put the filter-holding thing back, and topped up the oil. Super easy.

    I ran the bike for about one second and then turned it off. I then checked the oil level again. It had dropped below the level viewable by the sight glass. Put a little more oil in, gave the bike a bit of a shake from side to side, ran it for another second, topped it up a little more. Eventually I got it to a proper level.

    If I didn't make any mistakes, it is a super easy procedure, and should take less than an hour, I think
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  17. Thank for the replies guys.

    I will try it this weekend and see how thing shape up.

    If im stuck , i might end up get the help from pastafarian.

    Im in sydney.
  18. It is really easy but anything can be a little frightening when you do it for the first time. Just take your time. I once cross threaded a sump plug when changing oil on a Honda ATC Trike when I was about 12 because I rushed it. Ended up needing an insert put into it.

    Make sure you have something to drop the oil into that is big enough to cover the oil from the drain plug and the filter housing. Oil can come out at odd angles. i use a oil drain tray from SuperCheap with a funnel that allows me to easily pour it back into an old oil container.
    You might also need a funnel to make it easier to pour the new oil in. I measure it and the bottle I measure it in has a funnel that attaches to pour it out.
    Have a few old rags handy and it may pay to put some plastic sheet underneath as added protection for your driveway/garage floor or whatever.

    You'll need something to put the old oil in since this is your first time and you won't have an old container. Old oil can usually be disposed of for free (SuperCheap, local tip) but can come in handy for painting fence posts and timber fences if you know someone that needs it.
  19. semi-synth Yamalube
    Cheap as