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VTR 250. Diary of a noob pg3 on.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Liq, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    Well, nearly bought a blue VTR 250 a few days ago, it was advertised thursday, and was going to see it sunday but it sold within 12 hours of being advertised "unseen". Good luck to the bloke who takes that leap of faith. Sigh. Check bikesales. 6 VTR's available 2 days ago, only 2 left today? Sigh.

    Anyway, to console myself I was wandering around a dealer, looking to sit on a few LAMS bikes and mull over my options.

    Eye spy? Is that a slightly dirty, registered till nearly november, but otherwise literally immaculate vtr 250? Still with chicken knobs on the tyre edges?
    Why. Yes it is.
    Black tank, black frame, black wheels?
    Why. Yes. It is.
    How many km's? 4,700? Still under factory warranty?
    Is it for sale? (Thinking surely it's just a staffies bike).
    Why no. It was just traded it in, hence it hasn't been detailed yet.
    Service history? Yes, 1st was done no issues.

    Now, I know redbook for a *private* sale is about $5,800, so what's your price? Roughly $6.5k? You could be negotiated down a bit? You'll chuck in the next service, absorb stamp duty, and give me a discount on riding gear? 3 month dealer warranty and 18 months left on factory?


    So. Deposit's down. Hugest grin on my face. I hate buying brand new, and i'm not a huge fan of secondhand, sucks to be me. This bike, seems to be perfectly in the middle :p

    Anyway, got some nice gloves. Got my eye on the scorpion stinger jacket. And dragging cargos.

    Question, anyone know of any "casual wear" looking boots. Barely cover the ankle type, can wear in the pub with the cargos etc?

    The bikes just like this :p

  2. I think dryrider makes a work boot style thing but its not really protection, you will keep your toes on your foot if you have an accident but what does that matter when your foot is no longer attached to your leg.

    If your new get good boots till you get the skill up and have a lower percentage of coming off, then squid.
  3. touring boots look OK under draggins and protect your ankles.
    lots around, dririder, agv etc
  4. Well mate the question of boots really how much faith do you put in your skill and luck and how much do you like your legs with feet, not stumps.

    Im looking at another pair of boots for myself now. I ride to uni and well, some boots arnt the most comfortable but I like my legs. Besides I sit at uni most the time.

    I've been online and in stores just chatting to a mate of mine who works at Teammoto Honda, and he was suggesting me a pair of Alpinestars, which im yet to try on but Im going back next week so Ill give you a run down.

    The ones I liked for the balance of price:protection:look were the Alpinestars SMX-4 Boots Black. Ill tell you about the comfort issue comes in.

    but from personal experience I always like good ankle protection, because they are bloody painful and messy to heal (done it once before :() and with this ankle protection is higher fitting boots. You may not look as good at the bar mate, but you'll look a lot worse for wear without feet.

    Anyway dont want to throw too much doom and gloom in here, because I have seen some ankle high boots by a couple of decent brands.
    Ill post them in here for you.
    -Rjays Terrain Boot
    -Rjays Urban Boot
    -Joe Rocket Mens Superstreet Boot
    -Falco Novo Black Boots

    Good luck and congratulations on your new ride =]
  5. My other pair of boots are ones that I sometimes wear on shorter summer rides, or commuting to work during the warmer months. They're the Rjays Terrain boots. Comfortable to wear around all day.
  6. proper boots dude :) . you'll thank yourself when you come off next that you shelled out for the good stuff. i've destroyed a (1)pair of sidi's from a 60kmh get off where my leg was underneath bike as i slid down the road.
  7. Get a textile jacket with a removable liner and you can wear it in summer and winter. Some kevlar underpants, some okay gloves and a comfortable helmet. Get some docs. Done.

    All that Judge Dread rider specific crap is expensive, poorly made and targeted exclusive at gay sportsbike riders.
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys.
    I was looking around and while the full shin-high boots just dont do it for me, i think i could settle on half-height (so, still over the ankle) boots, with hard impact protection (plastic) on the outer edges. I consider toe scraping surface a must as well, much rather plastic scuffing the ground than a rubber sole-edge catching.

    Got my eye on a scorpion stinger jacket, already got a helmet and gloves.

    Cheers for the comments. I'm going to abandon my idea of a "armoured casual' shoe as your all right, it doesnt really offer any ankle protection. I saw one this arvo that seems to fit the bill.

    Kharlton : Yeah those were my favourites at this point, bloody great, plastic impact protection, sliders, easy zip/velcro locking, comfy, cushioned, and cheap! These, yes?

  9. I have the Alpinestars GPS3 boots , very similar to the pic you posted.

    They are a shin boot , go about 3/4s of the way up but are very comfortable.
    Ive never had proper boots before and I live in my trainers (other than at work) and it surprised me how easy they are to wear all day. I too wear them under kevlar cargos and you cant tell.
    The plastic toe sliders are removable too.

    Get them , you wont regret it.
  10. I give these boots a big thumbs up - I wear them around all day, super comfy. I also had the chance to test them out last weekend - I didn't go for a slide down the road so no idea on the abrasion resistance but I did have a 195kg (dry) bike land on my lower leg and ankle from a decent height, the bruising that was left is not even photo worthy! :grin: :grin:
  11. I'm on the right track, gotta admit that most of my choices thus far have been guided heavily by opinions and feedback on this site. It's good to have some of these confirmed. Chuuurs.
  12. Mate got that exact bike, 2007, black, black frame, just 2000km more, beautiful machine.

    If you ever feel inclined, I can tell you a custom exhaust makes these bikes sound epic... I have some 'no name' brand, custom made (from the previous owner) the thumping v-twin sounds epic, no other 250 sounds that good when you give it a little squirt at the lights.

    If you get baggy pants your boots can go underneath so they look like sneakers? Bit awkward if you wear them all day though.
  13. [​IMG]

    Just to make you want one more :p
  14. Planning on cargos that are a little slack yes...I spend a lot of time either sitting down at a desk (day job) or standing around dj'ing (night job) so as long as somethings comfy it'll make life easy :p I plan on getting a casual but decent leather jacket to...

    Be an odd feeling standing in a club, armoured. Hmmm. Not sure how that would go at the door hehe.

    Nice pic. ****. lol. Be about a month till I can ride it away :(

    By the way, the built in helmet locks. Useless gimmick?
  15. Yeah, riding boots wouldn't be too good for things like dancing, but so long as its not too hot they are VERY comfortable.

    It has a helmet lock?... OH IT DOES! :shock:

    Haha, It seems like it would be fine.
  16. Get Decent boots mate. This happened WITH decent boots on. I wouldn't have a foot anymore if I was in anything less. It was a 20 - 30 km/h fall too.




    Oh, and this happened in the boots you pictured earlier, The SMX-4's. Two thumbs up from me ;)

    Quaterwit - You're such a rebellious scallywag :LOL:
  17. Maybe you get the cruiser style rollbars :p

    Anyway, another positive for those boots. Seems to be the go-er.

    Went dirt riding up on a farm today. Good fun :p
  18. Should I just stick to Casual Style shoes - eg A* Shibuyas, or should I be getting boots as a learner?

    Are they essential?
  19. seems the consensus is yes, they are cheap, and will be mostly hidden under cargo's etc anyway.
  20. your head is essential. do you wear a hat on your head, with a plastic bag over your face to keep the bugs off? or a proper helmet?

    is your foot essential? work it out yourself :roll:

    Liquidity - top choice on bike, it needs to be matte black though :twisted: in regards to slack fitting cargos/draggins etc, make sure they fit correctly around your waist. not halfway down your arse. if they fall down while you walk, the road wont take much to pull them off as you slide down it at 100km/h :wink: dont worry about length to cover the boot, unless you are pretty damn tall, coz they are a long cut naturally, the manufacturers know they ride up a lil when in riding position, so cut em long to cover correctly.

    i work in a club too, nothing like hitting the dancefloor in full leathers :cool: :LOL:

    im onto my 4th VTR, i never knew of this hahahaha