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vtr 250 coolant temperature warning lamp bike not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by typezero, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    My beloved vtr 250 is not starting.

    The coolant temperature warning lamp is not illuminating during the start up process. I checked the coolant level and found that there is barely any coolant remaining.

    Having just had the biked serviced a week ago. I would have thought that it would have been topped up or replaced.

    Could the lack of coolant be the main reason why it won't start and why the coolant light won't illuminate?

    thanks :)
  2. When you mean not starting, as in no electrical at all, or is there current but no engine turn-over.

    Easier if you describe what your process is and what seems to be happening.
  3. will it crank but not fire? get the workshop manual there is a no start trouble shooting procedure in the back of it.
    it sounds to me like you have a fault in your killswitch circuit. the bike will still start even if there is no coolant in it.

  4. thanks for the reply dom / pro pilot...

    All the electrics seem to be working. Other warning lights turn on, as well as headlights, horn, incators. The engine is not cranking at all. I'll check the workshop manual tonight thanks :)
  5. You haven't siezed the motor, have you? no coolant, did they forget to fill it up. Take it back to the shop if you just got it serviced. Now.
  6. The coolant could be boiling its merry way, but if the coolant sensor isn't in the liquid, it's not going to work.
  7. Ray :)

    If i did seize the motor that would have meant that the bike would have stopped while I was riding it...am I correct?? Although the coolant temperature light did light up for less than a second or so on the way home and the engine seemed like it was gonna cut out but it kept goin.

    Apart from that I thought the bike was running fine. I had dinner, then about an hour later was gonna go to the shops but I couldn't get it started.

    Anyway I'll try to get it into PS in Melbourne via RACV roadside assist to see what they say.

    thanks :)
  8. When you get an effect known as "heat soak", the piston heats up from the cylinder wall, causing it to expand. Best example I remember was a guy in the overtaking lane of Canterbury road.

    He had done his fan belt, not realised, and the engine cut out in the traffic (the cylinder resistance was increasing, due to no-cooling-system expansion).

    He was able to turn the motor (after I told him not to), and then about a minute later, tried again, by this time heat soak had set in, and the motor was siezed. (VP commiedore V8)
    However, as the engine cools down you should be able to move the motor, despite the motor likely needing a rebuild.
    (and the reason for not cranking, it's like a planer for the cylinder lining)

    Can you rotate the motor in top gear, chuck it in fifth and see if you can push it along, or if you can "roll start" in second. Sorry for the bluntness in my post, it seemed like it was worst case scenario when you were writing about it.
  9. I've recently lost my coolant cap (vtr250), and with my makeshift plastic bag and rubber band while i wait for a new cap to be shipped in from Japan >.>
    Anyways, the makeshift has been leaking coolant and apparently i've lost more than i thought and out on a ride today i took a break and upon restart the coolant light wouldn't light up and the bike wouldn't start, not turn over, nothing. after a tense 5-10mins the light lit up and the bike started fine and got me home.
    Sounds like the same problem as the op.
  10. Okay. After consideration and from the limited information I have, plus the VTR manual and schematics, try this:

    Disconnect the Spark/ignition unit

    Remove starter solenoid relay
    check input terminals for voltage when the killswitch is in the "run position", clutch pulled in (if necessary) etc.

    If a battery voltage potential is detected when, and only when, the start button is pressed. replace the relay. If the relay "clicks", the problem is starter motor. if it doesn't, replace the relay. it should crank regardless.

    if it does, replace the ignition unit. if it then fails to crank, there is your fault.

    Been reading the manual, and my gut feeling is telling me to try to isolate the spark unit out of the equation. Checking against the schematics, the spark unit requires a +ve signal on an input, and there is a problem with the coolant thermocouple subcircuit, which is integrated with the spark unit (possibly as a protective thermocouple circuit (aka, kills the motor when a certain temp is reached.)
  11. everythin is fine

    Thanks for all the replies and advice guys...she's runnin like a dream again.

    It was just the battery after all heheh :)

    replaced it and now starts first time and everytime :)

    Anyway I'm ready for an upgrade. Lookin at the new 07 CBR 600. Shoppin around for a good deal :)

    thanks again :)