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VTR 250 collage. All the colours

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Liq, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. New rider here, going for my test soon, and heart set on a VTR 250.

    Trying to make up my mind about colour combinations so made a quick collage of all the combos i could find. No doubt theres more but its nice to have some "in your face" to look at.

    X posted around a bit
  2. reply

    seems i cant post a link yet...need 5 posts lol. Guess i'll be back in the thread soon.

    For now


    add the http, and the .jpg on the end
  3. I still like the "matte black" (it's sort of a flat metallic black), and the black-and-gold VTR250. :)
  4. I've got the yellow/black.
    They're not the most popular colour, but I think it looks awesome. Mine is a 2001 build and people still think it is new and thats without me cleaning it lots haha.
  5. Hey mate,

    Nice choice on the VTR im picking mine up on sat, its an 07 so its the red with black frame. Personally I like the red, matte black and gloss black. The gloss black is dead sexy in person! But I settled on either black or Red, the blue does nothing for me, and the yellow is a bit much for me!

    Good luck hunting whatever you choose down!
  6. if one of you can post the image/link proper, its in my first post just missing the http, and jpg, and i spread it out over 3 lines, it'd help out :p
  7. Red, like the one in the top left corner.

    Red bikes go 10% faster too ya know.
  8. cheers poppy!

    hahahah, i made this collage hoping that one style would jump at me, but so far all i've established I *dont* want the red/gold wheels, but pretty much want one of every other colour scheme hahah.

    lord help me.
  9. I have the matte black, black frame and black wheels. I think the glossy black would have to me my favorite. If your buying second hand don't be too worried about the colour :)
  10. when are they going to change the ugly ass tail light
  11. Meh, i'm a part time nerd, going to fab up some 5w red led replacements etc. Ditto for the indicators.
  12. I wouldn't mind doing the same. How would you go about doing the tail light?
  13. Sacrilege :shock:

    Personally, I don't think you can beat the red with black scaffoldy bits and rims (top left)....though matte black is pretty spesh.

  14. It's pretty easy.

    Jaycar sell the 5w led's, with a diffusing lense.
    Luxeon are the brightest, but they have an "in house" brand thats still bloody bright. If 5w is too much, you can make an array from 1w or 3w, still bloody bright and you can get wide-angle LEDS with a collimating lense.

    They also sell little pre-made regulators now...basically 4 wires,, you hook up 12v and ground, and 2 other leads (+/-) go to the LEDS.
    It auto regulates voltage for 1, 2, 3, 5 LEDS, etc, depending on power level.

    Get some regular leds, a lot of them, for a running light. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Or you can avoid all the bollocks, just take some dimensions and order a premade LED board. Then you get the luxxxxury of running lights, brake lights, and integrated indicators.

    --- Regarding the red, yeah, saw a red/black frame in person today. Simply p0rn. lol.
  15. I picked up my bike today its an 07 (i think its dec 06 first rego'd in 07) its Red with black frame and gold wheels, I like both the gold and black wheels, not sure which I would have picked if I'd had the choice. I love the red tho.

    Its a fantastic bike did 60 odd k's on it today just getting used to it, and learning how to ride better. The brakes are great, and it sounds great for a 250cc even with the stock pipe.

    Good luck hunting one down!
  16. I've also got the red with gold wheels. Maybe not the best choice, but what was available at the time. It has been a great learners bike. The only problem I have with it is that sometimes when approaching a stop, I think I have it in first, but it isn't. (I think it actually is in second.) Anyway, then I stall it when I try to take off.
  17. glance down if the neutral light flashes and you feel an extra click through your foot then you're through into first
  18. That happened to me once today, but I find more of a problem is knowing what gear you are in while riding ie do I need to go up down. It's different reving the engine so much higher than a car
  19. Most slow corners I drop down two gears, ie to third. By going two gears I know which gear I am in, assuming it is in fifth to begin with. Usually that is enough to power through, but sometimes it is necessary to drop to second if there is not enough torque to accelerate cleanly. It's just something I have become used to.

    With regard to getting it into first, I know when it doesn't go into first, just it seems reluctant to go in. I'm experimenting with letting the clutch out, revving the engine on downshift, etc but it doesn't happen every time, just enough to be a nuisance.