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VTR 250 and range problems

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wanderer, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. I have an '04 VTR250 and I am getting about 300kms per tank before reserve (11 litres). Now that seems a touch on the low side to me? Does this sound right? I mainly ride on the Freeway @ ~100kmh and use standard ULP in it (on advice from the dealer). Now the manual reckons that I should be getting ~40km/L @60Kmh which equates to 440 kms until reserve. Is it the higher speeds that is knocking out the efficiency or my riding habits? Any advice?

  2. You'd have a problem if you were getting 440+ KM per tank, better to have it running a little rich than way too lean.
  3. 300 km per tank? Looxury!
  4. I've been getting about 320 km (before reserve) on my zzr250 despite other's telling me they've been getting around 400. I've been running mobil 8000 in it. I think it may be the way I ride. How I like taking off fast at intersections.
  5. Fuel economy is going to depend a lot on wind resistance, I reckon most of those manufacturer fuel economies are achieved using jockeys tailgating a semi. I usually get 4~5 litre/100km out of my 250 Suzuki though I'm not exactly conservative with the throttle. Strangely it doesn't seem to matter whether I've been out on the highway or commuting around town my fuel economy always seems to be fairly consistent :?
  6. This is probably calculated when there is no wind and no acceleration. You'll also find that maintaining a speed of 60km/h will save a lot more fuel than maintaining 100km/h mainly due to wind resistance, especially on a naked bike.

    As true with any other industry you have to treat the manufactures figures with a gain of salt. You'll probably find that other VTR250 riders are getting the same give or take a few ham fisted take off and trips in the city verses straight Highway or freeway riding. My bike goes from about 16km/litre on the freeway to about 11km/litre in the city, so to me your are making off like a bandit.
  7. Also I've been told that Honda engines have a tendancy to loosen up after about 8000km and gain a bit more power or/and fuel economy after being fully worn in. Could also be that the rider is getting better at controlling the thottle but who knows.
  8. How true that is!

    The specs for my NSR250 is 30.2kms/ltr (highway cruising speed of 50km/hr :LOL: ). What a joke, I can barely get half that... and who the hell cruises at 50km/hr on a friggin highway?
  9. 300 kays sounds about right, I bought an 02 VTR new and it maintained pretty much that for the 25000kms I did on it.

    It did loosen up after about 6-8000kms but it just went better fuel consumption stayed about the same for the duration.
  10. Twins are thirsty bastards.

    Get the SP1, I hear they throw in free fuel tankers on group rides.

    170km before the fuel light comes on.
    224km before others in your group are pushing you to the servo.

    I got 210km out of it once, my shoulder was really really sore and I rode it at a very sedate pace.......

    WHAT???? I said I only did it once :)
  11. Yeah that sounds right!
  12. I have a VT250 cruiser that only gets around 240K before reserve. Same size tank and I probably do most of my cruising between 80 and 100 kph. I would be quite happy with 300k per tank before reserve.
  13. Cheers! Makes me feel a whole lot better.....
  14. I did a country run (310km) a couple of weeks ago and got about 4.5L/100km or 22km/L.

    Sitting on 110-120 with a VERY strong and hot nw headwind for half of it (actually hitting me at about 30 degrees off centre - one of those "ride on a constant angle" days).

    Guage showing about 1/4 and no lights on return.
  15. Hey, Takagawa, just curious, how big is the reserve on ZZR250's tank?
  16. You will use a lot more fuel at 100 on a naked bike.

    If you are keen for better economy get an aftermarket pipe and have the carbies rejected. You should get an improvvement in economy and a bonus of more power. youe bike may even run a bit cooler
  17. :cry: But they are only a month old - rejecting them now seems cruel!!
  18. I think full tank including reserve is 17.5lt. So it's 2.5lt reserve. I'd have to consult with the manual and double check that.
  19. Even more reason. They would be set to pass emission, not for the best performance.

    Some are to rich, others are too lean.
  20. Yep, just reject them, throw them out, who needs carbies anyways?

    ... dun worry Jase, I got your joke :LOL: