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Vtr 250 2007

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Scarfo88, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Just wanting to test the waters, I'll be off my restrictions in 3 months, so if this sells between now and then cool.

    Km's approx: 14,000
    Extras: Megacycle stainless steel exhaust
    Rental low bars
    Bar end mirrors
    Led brake light and indicators.
    Oggy crash knobs

    I have all the parts I have taken off, so will either restore to stock before sale or leave it as is and give all the old parts.

    Appearance: Never ridden in the rain...just kidding. The bike is black, there is small dent on the right side of the tank, not sure how it happened as it was on the bike when I bought it, a few scuffs and scratches wear and tear. I have slow dropped the bike in my driveway a week after I bought it( the old Side stand isn't all the way down trick) it pretty much fell at rate of .01 meters a second as I was on the bike as it went over, and my leg and oggy knob took the weight.

    Mechanically: the bike starts first time every time. I have had no trouble with the bike since owning it. The bike is serviced by Bikes Plus is niddre.

    I am the third owner and bought this bike last year from a net rider member.

    Price. I'm looking for $4600

  2. Nice bike mate. Looks killer in black and I've got one a red one with a Megacycle pipe on it as well and they sound very very cool.

    Cheap too! That'll sell in no time..
  3. haha yeah love the pipe, so throaty fools people that don't know bikes into thinking its something faster then what it is. I'll miss this steed. I might put the original brake assembly back on including indicators
  4. will forward to a friend, dont think he'll be buying anytime soon though :(
  5. I'm in no rush at all, I'd be happier if it sold closer to the end of my restrictions.
  6. forgot to add rego'd till November 2012 and rwc included
  7. now 14,500km's, more pics to come this weekend after a clean.
  8. after a wash today

  9. the next service is due in 1000km's I will let this go $4100 if someone wants to buy it within the next 1000km.s

    * edited out major service as the major service is due at 24,000 km's
  10. nice bike you have there
    btw: what is the cost of a Megacycle pipe
    looking to have one for my VTR
  11. Cheers, be quick mate as he is closing up his shop. Price depends on material, I went for stainless steel, I think from 300-500 depending on material
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  12. Great bike you have there, looking to get a VTR as my first bike but looking to spend just under 4k.

    Good luck with the sale!
  13. Cheers mate,

    Deposit taken, bike is sold pending full payment.
  14. *********sold*********
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