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VTR 1000F V's SVS 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 02whln, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Gday guys

    Im looking at buying a new bike and have been looking at the abovementoined two. I have no ideas what the faults are with the 2 and can not come to a discission between the two.

    I was hopeing to get a bit of feedback from this forum about the pro's and con's with each.

    All feed back is welcomed.

    I have only just joined this forum and I hope I gain a lot of knowledge from it.


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  2. only con about the vtr1000f that i can think of is it suggested that the cam chain tensioners be replaced every 20,000km the front one at the very least as they have a tendency to wear out quite quickly, other than that just the other cons with a litre twin, they chew fuel tyres, sprockets and chains

    but they are a fantastic bike to ride and are very responsive to your controls, pop wheelies like they are going out of fashion, sound awsome and have a twin system apposed to the sv1000s single system

    oh and if you strike a bargin with your local honda dealer you might just get one brand new for $14000 ride away
  3. They are both damn good bikes and I recon it just comes down to personal preference :)

    As for the cam chains/tensioners ? I got 78000 out of my 1st set and only changed em out when I did some rather heavy mods up top :twisted:
    Yes they do love there tyres and fuel ... I'm averaging 170k till the reserve light comes on.
    They are currently running em out on road at 13990 :)
  4. yeah the honda is $13990 rideaway plus $1000 for a dampner and the suzuki is 14990 rideaway and comes factory with the dampner. Both bikes run a twin system and aftermarket pipes will also be going on.
  5. If your going aftermarket pipes, I'd go the little extra and get the high rise ones, not that im biased at all though :p

    Hmm 1000 for the dampener sounds exy , I got mine for 580 and one day i'll get round to fitting it too :LOL:
  6. I had exactly the same decision at the beginning of the year. I think I paid $14k for my SV1000S K7 (manufactured 11/06), ride away from PS. I believe they are still selling 06 made bikes at this price.

    It came down to the fact that the vtr is a 10 year old design (updated in 02/03 with a bigger tank) with carbs where the SV is a newer design with injection. Not that there's anything wrong with carbs... but if I buy a new bike I would like injection. Also the VTR is a bit heavier (10-15kg I think).

    Having said that, I prefer the rounded look of the Honda - but PS didn't have a black one in stock so it kinda sealed the deal on the Suzuki.
  7. I had heard that you can get them (Vtr1000, there is nothing else) brand new for as low as $11990 at the moment, ride away with a little bargaining and maybe even a lid thrown in as well.
  8. And after 10 years all they had to change was the tank size, and the guage layout? Cmon, thats gotta be proof of one of the best designed and built bikes in ages!

  9. amen brother :LOL:
  10. ... another thing I just remembered ...

    + $1000 for a dampener, fuel injection & slipper clutch.

    (I'm assuming the vtr doesn't have a slipper as they have only become popular in recent years)
  11. I was very uninspired by the last firestorm I rode. The fun zone was limited to a range of about 2000rpm, and the finish just felt dodgy. The SV also has about 20 more horses doesn't it? I'd go for that.

    Honestly though if I was shopping now, PoS are running 2007 model hornet 900s out for $9990. They're a ripper bike.
  12. Hi,

    I have owned a 03 VTR until just recently. I found it to be a very boring bike. It does everything asked of it, and is deceptively quick....bad for the license and no rush ever...

    It is comfotable and reliable but unhappy under 3500rpm and revving the bejesus out of it achieves nothing so there you are stuck between 4 and 6000rpm, not that flexible IMHO.
    And don't even think about riding it at any speed without respringing the forks, they are disgustingly soft and sprung for a 45kg person. It bottoms out going up a driveway at more than 5km/hr and i am only 80kg. The VTR is slower and stable in the sweepers where the SV has quicker steering and is a little more lively without sacrificing stability.

    The SV on the other hand has a more flexible engine with a bit of a top end, is not a 10year old design and can be had for very similar money. Before i bought the VTR someone jokingly called it a fireyawn...i now understand why, when compared to the SV IMHO it is almost a nobrainer. Go the SV...you won't regret it.

    If you are a conservative rider, and just mosey around but like the sound of the VTwin then go the VTR, If you like getting along at a reasonable clip every now and then and want quicker handling then the SV is the one.

    Funnily enough though.....I went a Hornet! go the hornbag. Now there is a great bike FOR THE MONEY. If you want an allround bike and you dont mind naked this is the bike.....I notice Loz is (a little) keen on them too :grin: .

  13. rofl... you are kidding right?

    You describe your bike as being on the boring side, yet you recomend hat the guy rides at revs between 4000 and 6000?

    You are of course aware that the bike hits its peak torque from 6500 to 8500 right?

    And that peak power is at 8500 rpm?

    So really the only reason your bike is slow and boring is because
    a.) You have a gutless right wrist
    b.) You don't have the foggiest about how to ride a motorcycle, or
    c.) You never really owned a storm.

    I don't mind you having an opinion. Really, I don't. But if you could try and stick to the facts, I'm sure the OP would appreciate the truth, rather than some make believe garbage.

    And I have the dyno graphs to support.
  14. SV all the way baby.
    I've ridden the storm a few times, and while it was a good all rounder, it just wasn't aggressive enough to satisfy. If i had the coin, an SP would probably be sitting in the garage about now.
    But for big bang for your buck, Suzuki got it right with the SV.
    After copping a public towelling for the TL's, they went away and had a rethink. The result is a well put together machine.
    Storms are a dime a dozen, and yeah they're so good they haven't had to change them for over a decade. But they have become a little dated.
    The Sv styling is more modern, and they're rare enough to be a real head turner.
    When i was researching for the upgrade, i was confident i was going to get a good deal on a Storm (with all of the mods done) because there were so many on offer.
    I was fortunate to discover the gem i bought from one of the users on this site. If you're patient, there are still more out there. PM me if you need to get pointed.
    The person i bought the SV off told me what the bike was capable of.
    I never really discovered what he was talking about until i took it out onto the track. Wow, make full use of the rev range and it shows it's true colors.
    My bike is one tooth up on the rear, has Micron cans and that's it.
    It's down on HP compared to hyper bikes but who's comparing.
    It launches itself out of corners and shreds tyres if that's what gives you kicks.
    Loz taught me how to power mono, and i still scare myself every now and again just for a giggle. And that's exactly what i was after.
    I was faced with the same decision as you, and this is what tipped the balance.
    If i bought a Storm i knew i wouldn't regret it, but i might be disappointed.
    If i bought the SV which was an unknown, i might regret it.
    I saw it, heard it, rode it, fell in love with it.
    I don't regret it, and I'm not disappointed. :grin:
    If you were close by, i'd put you on it. I believe that would settle it for you too.

    Good luck, Scheff
  15. Sounds about right to me, that's the only range in which the bike seems to be doing much. I personally thought it trailed off a little before 8500, although that may have been down to the specific bike I rode.

    I haven't ridden an SV yet, but I felt the VTR was pretty uninteresting outside that tiny rev range, and pretty underwhelming overall. The Hornet 9 seemed to lack none of the low-down oomph and grunt the VTR is supposed to deliver, but anything over 5500rpm was a genuine pleasure, right up to the redline without running out of breath.

    The VTR seems to handle with the right rider on it, I didn't get along with it in that department either. Ah well, vive la difference.
  16. Aww loz, that wasn't aimed at you! I know you rode a VTR ( And rode in all sense of the word :D ) . It was the other bloke that seemed to spend more time looking at his, and keeping it under 6000rpm...

    Like I said, opinions, each to thier own, but hege was baggin the bike, with facts that were clearly incomplete. Of course its gonna be a guttless POS if you ride it under 6000rpm, but so is a CBR 1000 at those revs.
  17. To those who own or have owned the SV1000, either plain or the "S" version, what was its steering and general handling like?

    In last month's AMCN, Kellie Buckley wasn't that impressed with teh front end when the bike was loaded. Tended to "wash out" or something similar to that.

    In this current issue a guy wrote in, in response to her article. He suggested that the swingarm may have been out of alignment or rather, not allowing the rear wheel to be correctly aligned.

    A mate has the plain version and reckons that it's fun to ride and the mini-fairing surround around the instro cluster doesn't do a bad job of deflecting the wind at normal speeds. He didn't have much of a problem with spray on our wet ride over Hotham, Bright, etc. on the weekend, either.

    I'm personally leaning towards the S faired version, but would like to see one in person first and hopefully test ride one.

    Is there much difference between the first model (2003) and the current ones?
  18. Not sure about the 1000s, but from what I've read the 650 was set up a bit light/soft in the front suspension, and some heavier fork oil and possible springs made it handle a bit better. Someone will probably be able to clarify whether this also applies to the 1000.
  19. Everyone she spoke to mentioned that this was a one-off fault with the tester she'd been given; somebody had munted the suspension settings, or it was wallied in some other way. Test ride first, but there's no reason to think the SVs are inherently bad handling bikes. Especially not the way Realm's seems to get about.

  20. according to suzuki dealer in late 2004 there where a few changes, larger throttle bodys, different cams and a couple of other things . not sure how accurate these details are as he was only a salesman..

    I have test rode both bikes and did find the suzuki a little quicker of the line and handle a bit sharper, but the storm still had plenty of power and still handled ok.

    it looks like im buying a storm as thats all the funds my financial advisor aka wife will allow me to spend.

    im only young and with working 6 days a week and having a wife and 5 yr old son my stress levels get a little high. I am only after something to be able to go for a ride a few times a week to releive the stress.

    wife will only allow me to spend $10,000 im hard out trying to get a little more so I can at least get a demo, but im currently looking at a blue storm with 7451km its an 03 model and hes asking $9990. does this sound ok or is the price a little high?

    ive decide on the storm because of price, im not interested in burnouts, wheelies or million mile an hour speeds as i value my liscence dearly, just something that sounds nice and is good for cruising. and after test riding a storm i dont think its performance would be dissapointing for me.

    local bike exhaust shop will pull apart standard mufflers and do something with the baffles to give it a nice sound and a little more torque down low

    thanks guys