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vtr 1000 firestorm

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 02whln, May 1, 2007.

  1. are there any common or well know faults with this particular model.

    I am in the marked for a good late model one with less than 20'000kms

    under normal riding how many km's are expected from the engine without doing any major repairs?

    are there any scheduled services that cost an arm and a leg?

    how many km's before I should be getting chains and tensioners, valves etc looked at?

    any thing in particular to look for when purchasing one?

    thanks in advance and any feed back is welcomed
  2. dood,
    i give you rundown.

    the firestorm is a fkn awesoome bike.
    a) its a honda
    b) seriously horn v-twin
    c) nice pipes act as a pre-warning that you are coming ;)
    d) they look spectacular
    e) nice torque that comes with large displacement v-twin
    f) chicks dig 'em

    a) tank size not sufficient for touring depending on the action of your right hand ;) however, newer models have larger tanks.
    b) as per 'a' fuel consumption is controlled by the rider, and when making it sing, it luuuuurves fuel.
    c) popular bike, if you ever plan to resale - assume a larger % of loss/km
    d)it is only a v-twin. dont expect to blitz a crowd of inline fours, rider ability wins most of the time, but under controlled environment, the four will nail you in everything but low-down torque.
    e) the rectifier sucks. the problem even arose in a body-art forum to which i was a staff member even had an off-topic Q&A about it, even though those yankee puffs dont call it a firestorm ;)

    mind you though, the con's, if understood (to me) make it a lovely bike to own..... and if i wasnt paying off 'ahem' family related ticket to be in the family :roll: i would own one tomorrow.

    hope this helps
  3. e) the rectifier sucks. the problem even arose in a body-art forum to which i was a staff member even had an off-topic Q&A about it, even though those yankee puffs dont call it a firestorm

    whats the problem with the rectifier and where is it located and whats it do?
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  5. but mind you down the quarter on average times poisted on ozfs, the firestorm is only .4 of a second then the likes of R1's and CBR1000's

    i know people will argue about this saying they havent had the problem, but honda do recommend the front cam chain tension be replaced every 20,000 odd kms

    major service could cost around the $550 mark which is every 24,000km well thats what i was quoted but only ended up paying $280 but whether that was because i didn't have me fairings on i am not sure
  6. Buy the bike.....and a fuel tanker to go with it! :LOL:
  7. bought one today and fuel tanker is noted :wink:
  8. good stuff now ride it like you hate it and i can assure you, you wont be all that bored at all, i love mine just wish it would love me back :LOL:

    did you buy new or secondhand? if secondhand what year?
  9. 2005 model first registered 2006 with 1432k's on the clock and 12 months factiry warranty remaining :cool:
  10. nice :grin: just remember wheelies will be plentiful, and at least you got the large tank
  11. does the storm have a helment lock?
  12. If they werent so high in the seat i'd buy one.

    Ohhh, and the fact I could buy a buell for less.

    And the fact I dont have that much money.
  13. there is a helmet hook under the seat, thhe seat is real fun to remove the first few times... not.

    turn the key at the back lift the back of the seat and slide towards the back off the bike, you will see the hook, its where the dove tail has that flat section towards the front, where it starts to form a curve shape if that makes sense
  14. The only Buell you'll get for less than a Firestorm will be much older.
    Owning an aging Buell is playing Russian Roulette and parts aren't exactly cheap.
    Even the new Buells are no where near as refined as a Firestorm in the engine department. The 1200 produces less power and is very vibey, too much so in fact. While the XBS' suspension looks much better on paper, I found the Firestorm with a few simple modifications is much easier to ride fast and more predictable.

    The thing to watch with Firestorms is the CCTs. Though when they let go you really know about it. There is usually enough tension in the chain for you to stop the engine before catastrophic failure.
    Aside from that and the afore mentioned rectifier problem they're fairly bullet proof. Mine has just clicked up 77,000k with very few hiccups.