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VTR 1000 dumping coolant

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Not4Resale, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Hey people,

    In this disgusting heat, I noticed that the storm was running a bit hot in traffic. Its normal for her to sweat a bit in the heat but I noticed she was dumping coolant when i was sitting at the lights.

    Is this critical and unhealthy? I topped it up again but it seems to dump to a certain point, which gets me thinking i'm overfilling the bastard but when it was running with the less coolant today she was running very hot.... However, the weather was far from normal today and the other day that i noticed the bike pissing coolant out the overfill tubes.
  2. Your radiator cap is probably not sealing properly and the coolant is boiling at a lower temperature, get yourself a new radiator cap. I had the same problem with my old cbr250, it would overheat and spew coolant out the overflow when the weather warmed up, after installing the new radiator cap it no longer overheated and ran brilliantly.
  3. I saw this on a blackbird once, where it would dump most of it's coolant after sitting for about 30 seconds on a really hot day, turned out the two pipes up near the radiator cap had been switched around (one was overflow to ground, the other overflow in to the bottle).. Have you had your bike serviced recently?? Worth a check.
  4. How old is the thermostat? change it.
  5. +1 for the radiator cap.
  6. Yep, concur with all of that.
  7. either that or your overfilling the reserve.
  8. +1 radiator cap, my old r6 used to do the same thing until I realised the radiator cap was stuffed - be sure to check for the correct pressure rating cap also and dont assume what came off is correct (a previous owner had changed mine to a incorrect rated cap)
  9. +1

    Radiator Cap
    Check all hoses for leaks and pin holes
    Pressure test cooling system
    Water pump bearing/seal
  10. K cheers people. This only happens when the heat is above say 33 degrees and in heavy traffic. I spoke to a mechanic about it and he said under those conditions its normal.