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Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by DEW-016, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    Just a putting out a run down of my newish bike that may or not help others.

    Everyone would have seen a picture by now of this what is basically a replica sportster... Cept for the water cooling and digital gauges.

    (g/f and Cairns scenery are optional extra's)

    Looking into the older style cruiser market led me to the W800, Bonneville and eventually VT750s. Would anyone agree / disagree they are in the same segment?
    Getting on all three for a testy was fun, i would have liked the extra power of the bonne (hit the rev limiter of the test vt750s) but all are enjoyable rides wit henough to ride two up ofr a bit, but eventually I choose the honda.

    10k (full stop) cheep, like the budgie.
    90dba sticker, it is way louder than that, the w800 & bonne would need another 1k+ for pipes, there is no mechanical noise from the engine either only the tick tick of injectors.
    Torque available makes it an easy lazy ride.
    Gearbox is surprisingly smooth.
    Digital gauge setup & HISS coded ignition keys bring it into the 2000's.
    VT750 & VTxxx series' have been about for decades, im sure the basics have been sorted by now.
    232kegs is wet with maybe 3/4 tank, i cant recall. It feels fairly light on the move and the g/f likes the height weight ratio.
    Locked up the front avoiding a huge goanna yet i came back up merilly.

    As is the way of things, a few weeks and a few hundred km's can change things,
    so now..

    Grinding the pegs after 100kms.. though on the W800 I did that straight away in the test ride.
    Air filter is WAY over sized, the chrome cover prevents hugging the tank with your right knee.
    Drum brake is pretty soft, requiring a lot of pedal effort (iv'e seen some U.K. reviews indicating it could be locked up with a hard jab but..)
    Indicators are bulbous and could be better incorporated into the overall minimalist design.
    Small fuel tank, range about 230kms with the warning light on at 200ish,
    LHS lower fork bolts came loose, just caught them before falling out... save.
    Sitting on your 4ss for extended periods works a set of different core muscle and by the time the fuel light is on im well keen to get off the bike.
    Rear carrier (that i have not bought) is about 600 bucks.. ouch..

    Not quite fitting in, the 'classics' group frown at you and the Harley crowd snarl upon it with contempt...

    Any other owners out around here?
  2. Thanks Dew, I'm actually considering one of these at the moment for potential modification into something a bit edgier - the liquid cooling, minimal styling and stock sound appeal to me... plus the cheap purchase price.

    Just a quick question about the bike; is the airfilter that much of a problem that you would consider replacing it? Seems like it'd be an irritation if you were having a spirited ride.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. @ 2k,km's now
    The filter has stopped annoying me so much. But as soon as you hop on one of the bikes you will notice it.

    You can get up and on it for a fun ride but the pegs hit early.
    My feelers are fairly well half gone. Even with some higher pegs the stand may become an issue

    It is not a powerful engine which doesnt worry me as im used to small cc things. The torque is good though.
  4. 07 vT750 owner right here... I love it i use it as my Daily and ride the Harley on weekends.. as a daily commuter its unreal .. heaps light and narrow .. and i have Vance and Hines Straight shots on it with no Baffles it sounds louder then my HOG lol... overall very happy with the bike never let me down.. only problem is it just doesn't have enough get up and go.. but for a daily i am a very happy man.
    Yes Brake Lock up does Happen and it can be scary with a full tank.. had to do it a few times..