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VT750c2 Seat Mods

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by zilli, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Looking for some advice, thoughts and experience.

    I recently got a VT750c2...

    Im finding the seat is really rough on my tailbone and am considering my options. I really like the shape of the stock seat, and realise that Mustang has a seat that replaces, with the same sort of shape, but is higher than the original (this isnt a problem, as you cant expect more comfort without more foam).

    Im thinking of getting the stock seat redone in terms of the foam etc, and at the same time getting it retrimme din a tan material... So what i wanted to know is

    1) Is it more economical to just buy an aftermarket seat?
    2) Will a trimmer have the knowledge and experience to get the level of comfort an aftermarket seat will have?
    3) Who could do this sort of work? Im not sure a regular auto trimmer will know the intricacies of refoaming a bike seat

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. shadow seat

    Hi zilli,
    I recently got myself for xmas a 99 shadow with what I thought was an aftermarket seat. I took it to a local auto upholsterer who does a lot of bike seats and he found that it was a stock seat that the previous owner had removed the majority of the foam in it. I can only assume that he/she was about 4 foot tall and needed a low seat.
    The upholsterer added plenty of foam and it now looks almost stock again and is far more comfortable. When i was there he told me that there is more I need more padding he can do to the seat if I need more foam , gel pad , reshaping etc.
    All this for $140 and overnight service (dropped off at 2pm and back at 11 the next day).
    I suggest finding an upholsterer with bike seat experience and talk to them but I think you will find it cheaper than an aftermarket seat and you should be able to get one made to suit you.
    good luck
  3. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your response man, muchly appreciated!

    Where are you located Goran? I'm just not sure how im going to find someone who had had experience in bike seats.
  4. No problems zilli, what I ended up doing was talking to my local Honda dealer and they told me about the guy I used as they send all their seats to him to be repaired.
    I am in the southern suburbs of Melbourne.
    Dont forget that google is your friend in regards to finding anything and the humble yellow pages will also give you a fair idea of who's around.
    Simply ring around and ask questions and there will be someone nearby who can help.
  5. Why dont you get a gel seat cover. Just strap on and off.
    I have one i change between my cruiser and scooter.

    Another option is insert the gel seat straight into the seat. You will need to remove the seat cover and get an upholsterer to reattach the seat cover (easy to do yourself)