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VT750c2 rider feedback

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by spoonie, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    I was wondering if any riders out there who have a VT750c2 could tell me what they think about the bike. Im thinking about getting rid of my 2008 ER6-f due to kawasaki warranty and there dealer suport. Ive always really liked the look of crusers but me being vertically challenged and not real heavy I dont know how ill go.

    Any feed back would be wicked .

    Thanks guys

  2. hey mate,

    i got my 07 vt750c2 as a demo about 3 months ago. I have ridden bikes here and there, but this is the first bike i have owned a ridden regularly ever.

    I have to say it is a very confidence inspiring bike, particularly for me as a noob. It is nimble, the motor has enough poke to get you out of trouble (but you get used to the power quickly) with a great spread of gears.

    It's fuel injected with Shaft drive so maintenance wise it's great, plus its a tried and proven Honda motor so you know its going to last forever if you treat it well.

    it's not a light bike, but its got a low centre of gravity and a really low seat height (lowest in it's class i believe).

    The seat can do with some more padding in my opinion though... and the forward controls could be a bit more forward for me as i feel cramped on it at 6ft

    overall its been a really great introduction for me into the biking world thus far... just know it's limits and dont cross them... it is a cruiser after all
  3. Hey Spoonie, if you're interested in the the mid-size Cruiser lifestyle then you're in for a real treat. As a fellow vertically challenged individual you'll find these bikes much more comfortable to ride than a lot of sports bikes out there, particularly if you spend some time in traffic and are constantly needing to put your feet on the ground. The low centre of gravity on them is a real bonus too and makes them quite easy to handle.

    The VT750c2 was on my short list just recently and having previously owned a Honda I was very happy with their reliability. Ultimately though I ended up buying the Suzuki C50 which has very similar specs but worked out to be about 2 - 3 Grand cheaper which was a pretty significant deciding factor!

    You might also want to consider the Yamaha XVS650 as a possible option though for my mind, an extra 150cc on the Suzuki can have an appreciable impact on performance.

    I won't mention Kawasaki's entrant in this line up as you seem to be rather disenfranchised when it comes to Kwaka.

    Ultimately I don't think you'll be unhappy with either the Honda or the Suzuki if you were to purchase one of them.
  4. Thanks guys for info. Ill be going to perth soon and Ill see if I can line up a test ride. :)
  5. The VT750C2 is a fantastic bike.
    I have lowered the rear end and mod the exhaust. Bike looks great.

    Great power for a 750. The bike is not to large and not to small.
  6. Craig is that you? from Shadow Riders???

    I didnt know you'd lowered it, pop some photos up here mate!
  7. Yeah, same Craig
    I installed a lowering kit. It lowered the rear end about an Inch or so.
    Have also (April 09) installed Vance & Hines pipes. Bike now sounds like "THUNDER" coming down the street. Love it!!!
    Ive tried uploading pictures, but having no luck. Sorry.

    If anyone is in need of any more information regarding this bike. Pm me and ill help you out.
    Also have the service manual which i can email off too :grin:
  8. As I'm vertically challenged as well, I was looking for a low cruiser too. On top of that I have quite short arms so I needed controls which are quite close to me.

    I tried the VT400 first but I couldn't steer it comfortably. Then I tried the XVS650 and it was just perfect. Then again, it's a personal thing so try them both and see what you think. I just checked as well, the VT750C2 is a different bike than the VT400.

    I'm 80 KG and the Yamaha is more than capable enough to drag me around. Fast enough away from the lights and enough grunt to get along on the freeway as well.

    Try them both and see what you think.
  9. Sorry for digging out an old thread guys!!

    but im looking at buying one and i want to know, im 120kgs and would the 750 be big enough for me? some fella's reckon i need 1000+?

  10. i am 95kgs and i always have my misses on the back so a total weight of 140kgs and i can still hoot along at 120kph... if you want more info on them join shadowbikers.net ....
  11. Mate, they aint the fastest pony in the paddock, but they would be one of the most comfortable. I own a 2000 model with chain drive (real bike) and have played around with jetting and exhaust to squeeze a bit more out of it, I ride two up occasionaly and have no probs with power, great torque on these bikes and you get Honda reliabilty..

    Plenty of options on the used bike market if you don't need new.