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VT750, Vulcan or Harley

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by MisfitPL9, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Guys - help me choose between 3 bikes.

    Budget is 11k ( cos I need some new riding gear )

    New VT750 ( or even 2-3yo VT750 ) - downside with new one is the 10 litre tank - only gets 175km $10500 on raod and warranty

    1996 Harley Sportster 1200 - always been a Harley fan ( no flaming please ) 28000k's - $9800 ( possibly bring him down a bit ) - sissy bar - plenty of chrome - well maintained

    2009 Vulcan 900 4800k's - comes with sissy bar, saddle bags and boards ( also my missus's favorite ) $10500 on road and warranty

    Its a toss up between the 3.

    Always been a Harley fan, but if I dont buy one - will I regret it if I choose the other bikes?
    Was impressed by the Vulcan - larger seating and better positioning for my 6'2' frame - this is where I am sort of leaning at the moment.
    VT is in my price range - but let down with the smaller tank on the 2010 model

    Opinions please and bike advice welcome.
  2. vt750 is a lesbians bike.
    nothing wrong with being a lesbian, just sayin.
    that's just what the bike is best known for... most popular choice for dykes on bikes.
  3. I am a lesbian trapped in a hairy mans body 8-[
  4. Here's some more advice that won't help.

    A mate of mine is a deputy editor for an automotive industry mag, HD gave them (the mag) one of the 2010 Harleys to ride around for a few weeks, I assume for an article. However, I can give you his unofficial summary. "HD's are definitely for waaaaankers....but they're f*cking awesome.".
  5. so what u gotta do is either pick the bike ya mrs likes or you're a wanker or a dyke
  6. I just picked up a new vt750 classic - definitely not a 10ltr tank. I think my manual says 15.5 or so. I just did 270ks today and the reserve warning light has not come on yet. Double check this for yourself as it seems to be the major negative on your list for the Honda.

    I looked and tested the VN also. I think it is great value but.......the gearing is problematic and you're always looking for the next gear after 5th. It is fixable but requires a change to the sprocket/pulley to rectify. Personally, I don't like the look of the rear wheel in relation to the rear fender.

    I've never been on a 1200 sporty but after spending too much time in Harley forums I've picked up that the rear suspension is the biggest issue - some folks fit RoadKing air shocks and others Progressives but it is also fixable.

    Decisions decisions.....
  7. based on cubes the Hardley... then at least you can carry a pillion.. the other two would do it, but not with much fun.
    and fun can be had in Tasmania, i do envy you for that.
    in Victoria having fun is illegal... i think you can get fined for having a smile on your face here.
    you say you've always liked Harley's... then get the Harley ... the other two are just immitation Harleys, that any true Harley devotee would really despise.
  8. i agree with monkeyman to a degree, however, parts for them and any time they need to go into a mechanic... well... say no more.
  9. Nothing wrong with the VT750, I ride a 2001 chain drive, she's my first (but definatley not last) cruiser, they can be a little underpowered, flat out top is (allegedly) 145kph.

    What you get is Honda reliability and a very easy to ride bike.

    As for Harley's, yeah I reckon all cruiser riders dream of one day owning the "big dog" in the pack, just like sportbike riders maybe dream of owning a Busa or an MV (Ducati deliberately omitted)

    Me .. I've booked a testride on a new Harley 48,

    As for the Vulcan/Boulevard, I like em, but they are a bit like arseholes .. everybody seems to have one.

    Oh yeah... definately not lesbian, but I do like women
  10. id say a Vulcan, easily modded to look mean, try to find the Vulcan 900 Custom (Special Edition)
  11. Lowercase, i'd say the opposite is true - and that's a good reason to get a Sportster.

    I like Vulcans.

    How is it that the Honda is even a contender against the XL?

    Buy the Harley. Freshen it up every 100,000km, and own it forever.
  12. Not a fan of any of those options, unfortunately. The HD Sportster is technically not a cruiser (look at the riding position). Have you considered the Suzuki Boulevard C90? or even the C109?
  13. pre2004 sportster were pretty vibey. They are going for a lot less then they are being advertised for.

    so the one you have listed doesn't seem like good value to me.
  14. i was gonna ask why no one talks about the boulevards?
  15. American "Cruiser" magazine recently did a comparison with the harley low, vulcan 900 and the yammie xvs950, yammie won overall with the vulcan a close second. You would pick up a mint 2008 Boulevarde C50 for a mere $8k from any number of dealers, I have a volusia and 90,000k's later is still running like a swiss watch.
  16. Thanks all - definitely like the look of the Boulevard - theres another option for me.

    You guys have just made it harder. LOL
  17. Just about to celebrate my first anniversary with an M50 Boulevard. Not that common here in SA. I have a 2008 model that I picked up with engine crash bars and rear luggage rack, with less that 8k k's on the clock and still under new bike warranty (expires Nov this year). It was $8990 ride away. Have put a sheepie on it, some K-Drive 'bags and a streetshield screen, along with an Oxford Seat bag, which expands to ridiculously huge, but is easily secured and rock solid on the bike. Also picked up some Staintunes off Fleabay for it, and they were a doddle to fit (after I got the O2 sensor out!). The 'tunes are about 5kg lighter that OEM zorsts, and supposedly good for another 5hp or so. It does make a difference and the sound is lovely. Not too loud but definitely with prescence and character. Beaut. Shaft drive = double-beaut!
    Tank is 15.5l, but in cruise/touring mode it gets nearly 25kpl, so good range. Commuting it gets a tad over 20kpl easy. EFI works a treat and standard ULP seems fine in it, though I do mainly use 95 RON and sometimes treat her with a tankful of 98. No noticeable power difference, but I hear it's good for the EFI.injector system.
    I'm 6ft5in and find it very comfortable. A mate just bought an XVS950 and the seat is actually lower, so tall folks mind find a bit more pressure on the tail-bone, as cruiser saddles generally lock you into the one position and not much wriggle room due to seating position. I think I would get a bit sore after a while on the XVS.
    I haven't done any week-long tours (or longer) on the M50 yet, just a cruise down to and around Kangaroo Island, but 300+k day rides are easy enough.
    Summing up, for me the M50 is a beaut bike. It may "only" be an 805cc V-twin (I remember the days when 800 was a big bike) - but it copes really well with commuting and longer rides alike. Fun can be had at the speed limit too (or just over!) - very engaging and smoothness is the key, but they get along at a fair clip if you're in the mood, without being boring (like modern sports bikes are unless you're doing 140+ or at a track day). Ground clearance always an issue, but there's plenty of warning (my heel usually touches first and it hangs a bit lower off the footpeg). Brakes OK - unless you're being an idiot, which is not really in this bike's design brief anyway. Might fit a braided line to front disc soon and see if that helps.
    I like the look of the up-to '08 models, then 09 onwards they have that little headlight shroud like the bigger M90 and M109. Not keen on that look. You could get a great quality, low k, M50 for well under your budget - then throw some bags and a screen on it and you'll be set.
    PS - the missus rides as well, so we don't 2-up very often. I'm 98kg and she's around 60kg and it still copes OK when we have dinked (though longer touring would be a chore - that's why she has her own bike and I play cart-horse!)
    Had an XVS650 V-star Classic and that was woeful compared to the M50. Have ridden a few other cruisers, including the VN, but the Suzi was better IMO, and great value for money too. Just had a major service and all tickety-boo, so nice and reliable as well. Food for thought...
    PPS - you know the old joke? 98% of all Harleys ever built are still on the road - the other 2% made it home! Boom-boom! :) <head down!>
  18. Ok I'm gonna throw a spanner in the works here......

    How does a cruiser like this sound to you:

    Costs less than $6,000
    Honda build quality and bullet proof reliability
    More than double the power and double the torque of a VT750
    Out accelerates all Harleys except a Vrod
    Pulls like a train down low and keeps pulling harder all the way to 9750 rpm red line
    Better handling and cornering clearance than all three bikes you are looking at
    Classic cruiser looks
    Is just as pretty on the left as the right

    Sounds interesting? The bike is a Honda VF750C. Its a cruiser with a V4 750 motor in it. 4 into 4 chrome pipes (2 on each side). Just a magic bike that has slipped under the radar.

    I own one and it is fabulous. Start googling my friend!!!
  19. I do like the sportster but at 6ft2 (my height) it might look too small for you? I do think they're very sexy, and I would have jumped on one (or a cafe racer), if it didn't mean that I'd look like a doberman humping a tennis ball!

    I just hired the Suzuki C50 the other day in Port Douglas.
    Very nice and comfortable bike. Classical Cruiser looks, more than adequate power at 800cc (like the M50 above), very responsive handling (except for the expected scraping), comes with bags and screen. Looks and has the presence of a 'Big' bike!!! (I ride an M109R, so I'm used to most everything else looking puny, but that bike did look the part!) Have a look around.
  20. When I can, I'm going to fit high bars to my Hornet. That will blow my mind into out of space. Have you considered exploding yours?