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VT750 has restored my motorcycling passion.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by martych, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all. After MUCH deliberation, I finally took the plunge and got rid of the V-Strom and picked up a near new VT750. It only has 1400 k's on it and has Vance and Hines exhaust fitted (sounds fantastic)

    Here's a couple of pics. (Now I'm wondering why it took me so long to see the light)

  2. I'm totally in agreeance with you!

    I hadn't ridden for a long time..... got the bug again and bought my VT750C and LOOOOVE it!!!!!!!

    And a nice bike you have there as well!!!!!
  3. the shadow is a great cruiser and you'll love every second on her......................I do miss my old girl :(
  4. Sounds exactly like me. Did the same thing maybe 1 month ago and have been very happy. Nice looking bike, lucky you got the pipes as well. Might see you cruising about the place.
  5. Congrats mate on the new bike ... I had almost the same deliberation ... VStorm or M50 ... ended up with the M50 ... in the end it was just more my style and the bike just felt right ...

    Did you ever take the VStorm on dirt/gravel ? ... that was one of the things that appealed ... never had the chance to do it myself though ...

    What was the thing that swung your decision ???

  6. Yeah, IMO the V-Strom is actually quite capable off road (as in gravel roads and DRY paddocks).

    Excellent bike and couldn't recommend it highly enough.The only reason I changed to a cruiser is that my V-Strom started to get a bit high in the kms. It was almost a given that I would replace it with a new one (with ABS). Just couldn't bring myself to buy exactly the same bike.

    The Shadow was a decision made with the heart not the head BUT it's actually proving to be quite a practical bike. No more lane splitting though, which probably isn't a bad thing.

    In the whole time I owned the V-Strom (4 years) I only went on gravel roads about 3 times, so the fact that these roads are now off limits, doesn't particularly bother me.

    p.s. I reckon you've chosen well with the M50.
  7. Both the Vt and the M50 are what I would call 'calm' decisions.
    Neither is bad in any way, have enough power to zoom past anyone if legal speeds are adhered to. For sure the VT has just about zero negative comments made about it anywhere.

    I found the M50 was ok in dirt as well, although a steady speed had to be maintained rather than bursts.

    Either way, they both handle well at 100+kmh, with no apparent vices.
    This means you can corner with confidence!. Just lift your heels - and let the pegs scrape!
  8. Verrry shiny mate, enjoy :)

    I've seen Jeff throw them around very well for a cruiser, so theres alot of room to have fun! :)
  9. I have a 98 Shadow. If I could get her up the two flights of stairs I'd sleep with her :grin:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :rofl:

  11. Sounds familiar

    As much as I dislike 'me too', I am also riding a recently purchased 2004 Shadow. I just love it!

    I'll post a pic soon.
  12. Told you we'd get you on a real bike mate :p Hope you enjoy every minute on your new ride. I'll watch out for you on the road.
  13. so this is ok to do?
    i thought i was just laying it over a bit too much??
    my Shadow is my first Cruiser..i come from an Enduro background.
  14. same with me. I picked her up last week on Thursday (remember that stinking hot 41 degree day ?) Rode from Port Melbourne to Brighton (to collect a new bike lock) and then home over the Westgate.

    I must have scraped the pegs about 5 or 6 times. I thought it must just me being a fat bastard. Jeez it's low.

    Then again, sitting on the V-Strom was like sitting on a bar stool, so it's no wonder I'm scraping the pegs I guess.