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VT250c vs XVS250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thomen, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all!
    first post ever! i've just got my L's and am trying to decide between the honda VT250c and the Yamaha XVS250.. i was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, suggestions comparing the 2 or owning one of the 2?

    - tom
  2. Seeing you like cruisers I suggest you forget them both and for the same price range buy my friends xvs650. hes selling it due to an upgrade. has aftermarket air kit, lowered, t bars, aftermarket mirrors. you can make it a showbike with an exhaust and a new seat.
  3. Dario - Besides the blatant plug, XVS650 = 229kg. XVS250 = 147kg. Can make a difference to some learners.

    Hey thomen, welcome to NR! Feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome forum. :)

    I haven't personally owned either of those two bikes, but there's plenty of people here who have, and a quick search should come up with heaps of info for you. As a general rule the two-fiddy cruisers are pretty easy to ride, not much guts, but a good intro to the cruiser world. That and they have that v-twin sound (even if it's a little one) :grin:. You'd probably find they're pretty similar, although the Virago tends to be more popular (given it's still being made, unlike the VT250c)
  4. thanks for the welcome! darklightBoy
    i can pick up either bike for around $5k with a little over 10000ks on the clock im dubious about starting out on the xvs650 in that it may be a little cumbersome for the MOST test + im mainly using it to get to and from the gf's place and work meetings etc...

    if only there was a nice 500cc cruiser that was LL
  5. There probably is, though if your interested in checking out the 650 let me know. Sydney located
  6. that'd be really cool... wait til i get my mini back on the road and id love to see it in the flesh!
    - tom
  7. No problem!
    Just post me a memo and we can go from there:)