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VT250C/V 25 Custom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Joff, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. What are these like on the freeway? i.e. cruising at 100 kph.

  2. Depends how big you are.

    I'm a big git (~130kg) and while the two I rode could both do probably 110 they didn't have much left over and a strong headwind would probably have posed a problem.

    Another mate of mine had one though and rode it basically daily about 40k on the freeway and never had a problem.
  3. Hey I'm in Camberwell too - small world.

    I'm not a big fella, I'm about 5 11 and pushing 75kgs.
  4. the V25 Custom will probably be a better bet - I know several people who rode them, and even with a pillion it could sit on 130km. Even some reasonably big riders managed with them. Nice bike.
  5. Anyone else have anything to add or know where I can find a decent review of Honda VT250C/V25 Customs? I've looked everywhere and just ain't having any luck.

    P.S. And no negative comments about cruisers etc. coz some people just don't get it!
  6. i had a v25 custom for about 2 months and put about 4000k's on it.
    it SUCKED on the highway full stop.
    i had troubles keeping it on 120.
    the fastest i ever got on the thing was 150 on a downhill.
    as SOON as you head a headwind OR a hill i would drop down to 100

    that in mind it is a great little bike, had heaps of fun on it (even in the twisties :D ) but on the highway its a pig.

    im my opinion if you want a cruiser you need to at least have a little bit of hp at your wrist.
    and you think it sounds hot? wait until the hardleys pull up next to you..... :oops: :oops:

  7. Thanks for your input Pragnasty, but I'm not really looking for something that will do over 110 kph, I'm new to bikes and won't be speeding.
    As for pulling up next to Harleys, I reckon everyone looks like a dick unless they're riding a fat Harley themselves).

    Not really too worried about how I look - we're talking 250's for god's sake - but that said, I wouldn't be caught dead on a Shadow or Virago or anything like that.

    So, other than a low top speed, do you think its a good cruiser to start out on?
  8. its a bloody ripper!
    sound fat
    annoys the neighbours in your complex (i got 10 complaints :D )
    very cruisy bike (surprising for a cruiser)
    makes a good tent( fence+tarp+v25c=tent)
    awesome little bike. i loved crusing round the block on it. because theyre so torqueee being a vtwin you get a lot more low end power
    vtwin=big grin :D
    you should get you money back on it since its a 250cc and a australian delivered model.
  9. and viragos are for lesbians
  10. In my opinion the V25 is the best of the little cruisers... the Virago the worst.. having said that I think any cruiser is a bad bike to learn to ride on as it's handling and preformance are not very forgiving... unless you are incraedebly short try a CB250 or SR250 they are UJM (Universal Japonise Motorcycle) which makes them perfect to learn on...
  11. As I said, Im 5 11 and about 75 kgs. I don't want a CB250 or anything like that, I know I'll only be riding a 250 but I do have some concerns of how I look, especially as I'll be on it for at least 15 months.

    I'm interested to know why you think cruisers are not good learner bikes? Low seat height, not too heavy, wide handlebars for low speed stability and I would have thought that the low down torque would suit a beginner i.e. not having to rev it high to get moving.

  12. My lassie and I are the "big people" Voyager was talking about. :)

    I loved the V25, it was fine at highway speeds and we weigh nearly 200 kilos between us. We did thousands of k's with the two of us and luggage on freeways, and were always able to keep ahead of the traffic pace.

    We even had a whole lot of fun out on netrider group rides - of course we couldn't match the pace of bigger bikes, but a well ridden v25 won't embarrass you.

    Plus, they're without a doubt one of the hottest looking bikes ever built, capacity aside. You'll never ride another bike that gets so many comments.

    Find a silver one, buy and enjoy. Just watch out for buses.
  13. Actually Loz, you WERE the rider/pillion, but the "larger" person tag belongs to a different Netrider...

    No, the embarrassment tag is mine and mine alone...
  14. Ive got a V25/VT250 as my current bike - see comments elsewhere on Netrider:

    Ive only really spent lots of time on this bike and the CB250 I learned to ride on, and I can confidently say the CB250 is a better handler in my opinion, and a better city bike.

    As far as torque goes, I havent had the same experience as other posters. I find it extremely torque free (ie not much of it, or at least not enough) despite the V-twin engine. Dont quote me, but I recall seeing the engine specs one a site that I cant locate now, and noting that it had less torque than a similar engine in the Spada, for example - but as I said I could be wrong. The Spada would definitely be lighter (the VT250 is very heavy for a 250) although the VT250 might have a greater torque spread?

    As far as comfort goes the VT250 is certainly comfortable. The riding position seems to suit me well (5' 10" and 100kgs) and i'm never even slightly sore after 2hr+ rides. You do take a fair beating from wind if cruising at freeway speeds, but thats the same for any naked/cruiser I'm sure.

    The freeway speed issue seems to divide previous posters. I'll come down on the side of total inadequacy - Ive never seen better than 120kmh on the speedo and a headwind really puts a dampener on things. You may not need to travel faster than 120kmh as a learner (or at all, even) but some decent acceleration near the top end to move ahead of traffic on the freeway etc would be welcome. The V25 is really stuggling past 100kmh.

    Looks wise its certainly got a lot of positive comments from those who know nothing about bikes. Of course anyone who does know a bit tends to sneer, but you get that. I reckon its a good looking bike if you like cruisers.


    Note, looking back i have used V25 and VT250 interchangeably - i dont know which I have or what the difference is. Not much, i'm guessing.
  15. same spec bike however V25 is a Grey Import and mostly mid 1990 manufacture & VT250C is Honda Australia of later manufacture, minor differences are that the VT250C was only available in BLACK, also the seat has slight difference and so do the pegs.

  16. Check out http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/GV250.html the naame may not be well known but you'll be hard pressed to find as good a bike for the price....

    I've had mine for 3 years and it doesn't struggle on the freeway and I often catch myself doing more than the posted speed quite quickly... the style was a larger part of why I got the bike in the first place and the seating position etc is very nice I'd say almost perfect for somone of your size.....

    I'f you'd like to see one come down to Friday coffee and/or go to Stafford Motorcycles in Heidelberg and have a look at the ones thay have there..... and ask their opinion of them..... plus there are now a few filtering into the second hand market as people eventually upgrade to a logistially bigger bike.....

    Any Questions feel free to PM me
  17. Okay time to revive this discussion.

    I baught a second hand Honda VT250C or Magna just 3 weeks ago after just obtaining my motorbike learners again. I use to ride a Yamaha R1 but lost my licence due to ummm speed issues (The issue was that the police don't like it when you do 140kmh in an 100 zone) .
    Anyway back to the bike, after having ridden sports bikes i thought I'd give cruisers a go and I'm loving every second of it. I'm 6 foot tall and I weigh 85kg's and this bike is suprisingly fast, easily keeping up with freeway traffic however you really do feel the wind.
    The riding position is really comfortable, I do mainly 2-4 hour trips and i'm not sore at all. The fuel tank is wide giving the bike a bigger look (People can't believe it's only a 250cc).
    As for fuel consumption it's not too bad, you notice the difference to sports bikes here since the cruisers are heavier they move less in the wind but use more fuel. I fill up and at the moment with current fuel prices it cost $14 to fill up, I can do 300k's on a tank if there is no headwind but if there is a headwind like yesterdays 40km/h headwinds I only got 200k's out of it.
    I use this as my everyday transportation and I'm happy to say it handles very well in the wet. I feel quite safe riding it in any weather, the turning circle having come from a roadbike took a little to get used to but yeah I'd rate this 5/5.
    I would suggest remove the baffles because the exhaust sound is fairly gutless but make sure you keep the bits you take off. I got pulled over and they noticed and had to get them welded back on :/
    Handbooks are very hard to come by but there are some digital copies online that you can download.