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vt250c Overheating

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by yob_job, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I recently bought a Honda vt250c and i went for a ride on Wednesday night, so there was not muchb stopping, and my over heat light came on.
    My friend also took it for a ride the other day and he went to mosman and back from Lane Cove and the light also came on.

    I know this may be an open ended question, but what could be causing this?
    ovioually i will have to take it back to the dealer and get it fixed, but its not close so i am happy to pay a bit and just get it sorted out.
    and i want to find out roughty what it is and if its covered under my extened warrenty and how much i could be looking at spending.

    thanks everyone :)
  2. Have you checked your coolant levels?
    If your levels are fine, it could be a number of things ranging from a restricted radiator, faulty waterpump, fan, faulty sender unit etc ...

    My advice: If its under warranty .. take it back .. it's their problem IMHO
  3. yeah checked the coolent levels,

    its jsut taking it back to where i bought it from is a bit of a treck, but i do have a one year exteneded warrently which i hope might cover it, but as you said if could be a number of things, then i risk that the problem might not be covered.

    ill just take it back with the 3 month warrenty i think.
  4. Where and how?

    Checking the expansion tank is not enough - if the hose is cracked or not sealing properly against the return line it will stay full of coolant but none will be drawn back into the radiator when it cools down.

    You need to remove the radiator cap whent he engine has cooled down and check the fluid there.

    There should also be a cooling fan on the radiator which comes on when it reaches a certain temperature. To check if the fan is working remove the lead and:

    1) If a single lead, carefully push the insulation back from the terminal and touch it to the metal edge of the temp sender it was attached to, with the ignition "on". It should spin up.

    2) If a two-wire sender, simply connect/touch the two wires together with the ignition "on". If the fan does not work you need a new one. If the fan dows work you either need more coolant in the radiator or a new sender, if it doesn't come on when the light comes on.

    All the best :)

    Trevor G