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VT250C Mods

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. I have posted this as a part of another topic but I thought I may as well post it in the proper forum.

    With the VT250C I have seen on one members signiture that their VT250C is far from "stock standard". Is there any mods that you can do to them ? eg make them perform better.

    I dont mind spending a bit or more on mods for it, as 15 months will be a long time for me, ( I am impatient) and I just thought a couple of mods may keep me interested a bit longer.



    ps. I have just noticed the supercharger kit for 250cc cruisers, any thoughts on it ? Any idea on price. :wink: [/i]
  2. With cruisers mods usually often mean things like extra bits of shiny chrome or custom paintwork more so than actual performance enhancements. I guess there's probably the option of replacing the exhaust but the only real way to increase power would be to increase the compression ratio which is deliberately low (for a bike). No idea how much the supercharger kits would cost or even if you could get them here but do know that companies turbo kits sell for the equivalent of about $5,000 in Japan.
  3. You can drill the baffles out of the exhaust to make it sound nicer... Or, you can bling your bike up like Stookie with a bunch of different mirrors, paintjobs, stickers and things.

    But if you're talking about performance gains, I'm sorry mate, even the big cruisers are shitful on pretty much any performace mesure when rated against a sportbike of equal engine capacity. You've got the wrong type of bike. The massive engine cruisers can produce good torque but that's about it.

    Cruisers are built to look good, not to ride well.
  4. seriously ....... having lived through a few g/fs 250 times and a few mates too ....... the best advice you will get is save ya money toward an upgrade .... you will never recoup your outlay .. and make the bike far less saleable ... and when its all said and done its still going to be a 250 ... i done my ex,s RD250 lc into a 350. thats about the only small bike mod ive got my money back on ... put ya cash toward a 600 or somesuch ... but good luck anyhow if you go ahead