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VT250 Transformation

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Squeeby, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Long time member here with an old '89 Honda VT250 'Spada'. I think it's time it shed its 20 year old aesthetics and looked a little more modern. I'm planning to get a new muffler, headlight and mirrors (for now).

    Perhaps I could employ your help a bit though. Out of these two pipes which do you like? They're both made by Tyga and are about half the price of anything local. It's mainly for looks and noise not performance (it's a 250 afterall).


    The other thing I'm looking for is a good website/shop to get aftermarket headlights, indicators and mirrors.


  2. In the end I went with a 2" stainless oval pipe from Tyga which was around $270. I made a trip from the Gold Coast to Oakey (30km from Toowoomba) to visit a friend of mine who had the tools and knowledge to help me fit the thing.
    He also happens to be an electrician so he fitted a few new indicators too. They're not only a lot better looking than the stock ones but also a fair bit brighter too. They particularly made the front of the bike seem much cleaner.
    The Tyga pipe was actually very nice, I had been worried about quality due to it's significantly lower price. The weight difference was massive compared to stock. It lets out a deep growl and makes my little old 250 seem much more serious ;) It's also moved the power band up about 2k rpm.

    I'll try to get some photos of the whole bike up soon along with a video clip so you can hear the pipe. Other than cosmetic upgrades, new tyres and brake pads have been fitted as well as a wheel balance. Next on the list: take an angle grinder to the rear fender and get some nicer mirrors.
  3. Great project bike... THose Spuds go forever, and are easy to modify! I had a few as project bikes, if anyone remembers the "angry ant"!

    If you want an even better note, have someone cut the catalyctic converter out and weld in some straight through pipes... watch out for flames out the zorst though!
  4. by the way, is that a CBR track bike in the background?...
  5. Thanks mate. My mate is pretty handy with stainless steel too so I might get him to make some headers eventually. That's his CBR250RR that he picked up for cheap after the previous owner hit a roo. Tyga kit is going on and should be ready for the road in no time :)
  6. Those new indicators look slick. . .
    Love the size of the old oones :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Looking g8t so far
  7. Spada has gone off to the dyno tuners. Should get it back this afternoon but I took some photos on Tuesday morning. The first run yielded 28.5HP (with the new pipe). Here's a few photos.

  8. Well done on the mods, she's looking great. I've often thought about mounting a rack (snigger, snigger) on my Spada. Certainly beats having a bag strapped to the pillion seat. With mirrors, I've put bar end ones I bought on ebay on mine and they've been great.

    nice2Bnaked, was the "angry ant" that cafe racer? Whatever happened to it?
  9. Yeah I'd love to get a set of barend mirrors, they're next on the list. I got the bike back today and haven't ridden it yet but Dad has taken it for a spin. He said it's not an amazing slap in the face performance increase but is much nicer to ride and is very linear in its power delivery (as you can see). Gained about 1.5HP since having it rejetted + airbox mod so can't complain really.

  10. 30hp atw is a good effort for a Spada, remember vtr250s do 32hp at the flywheel, and inline 4cyl 250 screamers usually get 33-35hp atw.
  11. The old spada is starting to look great. Ive also looked to clean mine up - did you have any issues with the LED indicators - I cant get my front pair to work properly - did you put an LED flasher can in?

    I've taken the angle grinder to the rear foot peg brackets and will also have a crack at cleaning up the rear fender - how much are you going to take off? I want to go as minimal as possible but I think a reflector is reqd for roadworthy.

    Picked up an ebay set of mirrors which can be set at any angle - heaps better than the bunny ear std set. I also would have gone bar end but store my bike resting against the handlebars.

    How hard was the exhaust to fit? Out of 10 ? What tools did you need.....I'd love to have a try at doing mine too.
  12. They're actually not LED indicators, all I had to do was extend the original wiring.

    I've often got a pillion so I'm not planning to take my pegs off. Was going to attack the rear fender but it doesn't bother me anymore.

    Can I see the mirrors you got?

    The exhaust was a relatively simple process. Cut off the original with the angle grinder then cleaned up the pipe a bit. Welded two hooks for the springs to hold on to and then I don't know what the process is called but whatever my mate did it looked like he melted the hooks on or something then painted them black.
  13. nice bike mate
    looks better with the new exhaust
    have u thought about changing the cage on the bike?
  14. Technically it had been Dad's bike and he prefered having the cage there so he could put the top box on for his long rides with Mum. He's recently bought another bike so I've taken the cage off since then.
  15. Squeeby,

    Where bouts on the Goldie are ya? I'd love a look at your spada. Had mine a few years, needs work.

    Body work, paint.

    After an exhaust too. Where'd you get yours? Indicators too?

    Done any other work since?
  16. I'm over in Carrara. The exhaust was ordered from the Tyga website and the indicators were from a local shop (TeamMoto Honda, Nerang).
  17. are they LED indicators? how is your flash speed? Considering chucking some LED ones on myself but would rather avoid having to change the indicator flasher unit.
  18. If you just put LEDs on the flash speed will increase.
    That's what I did. I do have a replacement flasher unit but haven't been assed putting it in yet, not too fussed really
  19. Just bought myself a vt250 and was looking for some indicators for it.
    any help would be great!