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VT250 Spada

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dedmn80, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. 20160124_192347. 20160124_192657. 20160124_192936. 20160124_192919. 20160124_192820. So just picked up a second spada for my wife and have decided to rebuild it with a refresh on the fram and bodywork for a full custom effect and a fun bike as a first bike. Will post picks of my progress and some updates as move along. It has very little kms on it for its age being 25k something and only paid 500 so should be worth a bit of fun. Been in a shed for 12 years. Hence the milage.

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  2. Stripped the bike for cleaning whick begins tomorrow before a respray of the complete frame which I am hoping to do on the weekend so this is where i am upto now before a complete colour change and upgrade. 20160126_185501. 20160124_192334.
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  3. Well it has been a busy day today I have got all the frame pieces, brake pedal, riders footpegs and washers all in primer drying properly overnight as well as the chain guard in colour. Now the fun starts tomorrow with masking the main frame and seat supports for 2 tone painting. Will finish up with the silver first before starting the second colour. All this is done in a hammercoat effect paint and happy with the colour and affect of the chain guard. 20160130_170226. 20160130_182714.
  4. Great project!!!
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  5. Yep, always love a project. Keep the pics coming.
  6. Thanks hornet i got one that is a daily and i wouldn't change it for the world. After me well umm yeah showing my wife how to ride on it she fell in love with it so this is going to be a custom colour and design for her.
  7. Lionz i am happy to keep the pics and updates coming as i progress through it but be a little patient with me as i have been given a 12 month time frame and being a full time carer does have its disadvantages financially but will endevour to keep the progress coming
  8. Ok i thought i would post my efforts for the day. First of all the taping is getting on my nerves a bit after about 4 hours of it i was able to start on the silver and at the end of the day thought i would check the compliment of the blue. I am happy with the outcome of the colour choices and am happy with the outcome so far. As you can see i am about halfway through the silver parts and still have the blue to go on the main frame. 20160131_180952. 20160131_214553. 20160131_215353.
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  9. I have no pictures today but have finished off the silver on the frame and about halfway through masking for the blue. I will post a pick tomorrow of the main frame when all the tape is off.
  10. Ok so i got carried away with masking and got a present but i wonder what it could be. Then after about 12 hours drying i removed the tape and was impressed. Now comes the boring time of letting the paint dry longer before i start putting it back together. However it also gives me some valuable cleaning up time and parts cleaning time for the assembly stage of the frame. Next weekend i will be ordering fork seals to rebuild the front forks and respray the forks to match the frame. 20160201_203151. 20160202_140453.
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  11. great work!
  12. top stuff
  13. So it is that time again for another update. I hot a few more parts cleaned and painted especially the rear shock swivel mount. Finally got around to soaking the bolts that I removed and the chain guide for the swing arm in some petrol and within minutes it turned black so have been letting it evaporate and will continue to do so till there is no more then head for degreaser as a final clean. As you can see i have cleaned and painted the front sprocket cover. Tomorrow I am going to start cleaning up the engine and polishing up the chrome water pipes. I am going to repaint the rocker covers as they are a bit crap and bubbling same with the clutch cover and pulse generator cover. Pics of it tomorrow before paint. 20160207_164107. 20160207_164110. 20160207_192836. 20160207_165300.
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  14. Ok so as promised after 5 hours of scrubbing with my best friends degreaser and tooth brush..... never want to see another tooth brush again......i finally got the engine clean and grease free. I have got some pics of it as it stands with the crap paint. Tomorrow the painting preparation for painting begins and hopefully primed on Wednesday but may not be. Will keep updates coming as i can. Ps. No not available for engine cleaning unless asked. 20160208_194519. 20160208_194053. 20160208_194040. 20160208_194028. 20160208_194017. 20160208_194010.
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  15. Good stuff...
  16. Ok just an update but no pics. The engine is painted in silver and some blue accents. Still masking for more accents. Once the engine is completely painted will i put up a pic. Sorry for the tease on that but it is really looking good upto the point i am at.
  17. Lazy when it is done i will make an effort to bring it on a ride or basic skills if you are able to make it
  18. Ok all have a few pics of where i am upto now but started to assemble the frame again but this is where things start slowing down for me as i have a few expenses coming up including schooling for myself and cam chains on my other bike with a full service. Enough about that now. What i need to carry on for the time being is a rear shock, wiring harness, and headlight surround. Thinking of getting a second jand shock for the time being to allow me to continue soon. I do need a new sump as well as the one on the engine is cracked and broken so will start tracking that down shortly. Here are the pics for the time being so.....enjoy all. 20160212_173600. 20160212_173638. 20160212_173613. 20160212_173702.
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