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VT250 Spada vs Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by squidman, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guys im about to buy a VT250 Spada coz i can afford it right now, but I was saving up for a Hyosung GT250R. What do you reckon is a better bike for a learner?

  2. Spada. It rides well and is probably a little quicker. Most importantly, it's cheap so if you slide it down the road you won't be too devastated.

  3. That's a really tough call;

    Let's be honest, the SPADA is getting pretty long in the tooth being 1989-1992ish, so the comparison is between:
    * overengineered but old old old 40hp naked V-twin which would have been quite reliable when it first left the production line but is likely to have an abundance of age-related issues and be difficult to find parts for


    * 30-ish horsepower fully-faired V-twin with generally lower spec parts and a dubious record when it comes to reliability and expediency of warranty support within Australia.

    The VTR250 (1999-today) is another option; the younger sibling of the SPADA. It's a little less high-spec than the SPADA was back in its time and is detuned for a stronger low/midrange pull at the cost of peak power (33-34hp vs 40), but on the other hand even the oldest VTR250 in Australia is nearly half the age of the SPADA.

    If I had to take either a SPADA vs brand new Hyo, I'd prooooooooobably go the SPADA but I'd want to be absolutely certain that it had been taken good care of and isn't suffering from arthritic degradation of every single rubber or plastic component on the bike.

    IMHO naked bikes are a better option for learner riders generally speaking; cheaper insurance for a multitude of reasons and less $$$$ if they take a nap on their side at low speed.

    Edit: Your profile says you're in NSW... Have you considered any of the other LAMS bikes?
  4. A friend bought a brand new GT250 two weeks after I got my spada. He's had it for a few months now and regrets every minute of it. The bike isn't terrible per se, but he's had more issues than me and mines 23 years older. He says it lacks torque everywhere and really struggles up hills. The only positives we could find over my spada was that the hyo was just a tad more economical, had a small amount of storage space and was injected. He paid twice as much as I did and all that got him was the warranty, which he has needed.

    Small list of the issues he's had: gear shifter snapped off, bike got condensation in the electrics and wouldn't start for two weeks, a few bolts fell off in the first week, headlight problems, brake pads are horribly noisy and made from wood apparently (not joking, this is what the hyosung mechanic said, right before he shook his head in disgust) and the seat is uncomfortable after a moderate distance ride. It may very well be a good bike, but i've not seen any evidence of that yet. If it was priced the same, maybe, but they aren't. I've riden the gt250, the gt250r and of course my spada and frankly, the hyosung's just don't stack up.
  5. Yeah im in NSW, not really im only after V-Twins and I'm considering saving up for the Hyo because I perfer faired bikes over naked ones. but being a learner i know im better off with a naked
  6. Spada
  7. +1 Spada. Parts are easy enough to find, but whole engines are scarce as hens teeth.
  8. Have you considered waiting a bit longer and getting an SV650? There's a LAMS version, you won't get tired of it for a fair while, obviously with the bigger engine there's more power and a better sound. More road presence, etc.
    Mint almost brand new one for 7.9: http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bikes/private/details.aspx?Cr=2&R=10754510
  9. I'd say stay clear of any Hyosung for the rest of your life.

    I've only ever heard of people having problems with their brand new Hysoungs- they are cheap for a reason. Spada is the go.
  10. Thanks for not considering a hunk of crap ninja250.

    I highly reccomend the VTR250, sound great with an exhaust and pretty powerful, also you can get them new still if you want, or just get a 2003> model that has tacho clocks.

    Spada is maybe too old now, i would say the VTR250 is fine enough. but if you cant spring for a newish VTR250 then Spada is second choice.

    Hyosung is so bad please never buy one they are shit.
  11. and yet again we have nothing but second hand knowledge and hearsay...

    [MENTION=34578]squidman[/MENTION]; buy whatever gives you wood mate. Doesn't matter what we say. The only thing that will get you through your restrictions on the one bike is that undeniable attraction you get from choosing with your heart.
  12. Not only heresay there are still far to.many problems with even the new Hyosungs.
  13. The only trouble I have had with my Hyo is me dropping it. Other than that it has been flawless.
    What has been stated here about both bikes is true. Both have pros and cons.
    Modern ninja is right about choosing what you want, not what others tell you to want.
  14. I do about 500ks a week on my spada, have zero reliability issues. Just change the oil/filter every 5000ks or so and put fuel in it.