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VT250 Headlamp upgrade options

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by port80, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. So I've been doing a bit of night riding lately and I must say that the headlamp on the Spada is less effective than a Dolphin torch. So what are my options? Can I simply upgrade the lamps? If so how high can I go? I'm tempted to do something like this :
    I don't know how it would fit, can anybody shed some light on the subject? *boom* *tish*

  2. I had the same problem with the VTR250 headlight (they are probably almost identical). You can try putting in something like Navra +50 globes, use the same amount of power as regular globes but are meant to produce 50% more useable light.

    I have these (Twin Headlights) on my VTR250, they fit in the existing headlight bracket (do not need the fork brackets shown). I would say that your Spada is the same. There is someone on the boards who put the twin headlight on their Spada but I forget who.

    Since putting on the twins combined with Navra +50 globes in each I have noticed a lot more light, so much more effective.
  3. How did I know that Haggis was going to weigh in...? :)
    Anyway, sorry for being obvious but have you checked your headlight angle? I wasn't happy with the light emitted until I realised it was pointing up way to high. A re-adjust and one of Haggis's Narva bulbs has done the trick.
  4. Yeah but if I tilt the headlight up and whack on the high beams I can spot incoming Luftwaffe!
  5. INDEED! I forgot about ZE GERMANS!!!
  6. Hehehe :grin: Thanks guys. Indeed the tilt is off, however the light is woeful anyways. Will a place like super cheap carry a replacement?
  7. Do you ride with your lights on all the time? Do you put a drain on the battery, I'm concerned about putting too much drain on the electrics.
  8. Okay so all Spada owners that use their lights and still have the stock lamps in should run out and buy a replacement. I just went to Supercheap and grabbed a twin pack of Calibra branded lamps. Just in the garage the difference was easily noticable. I have one lamp of the twin pack left, so if somebody wants it let me know.
  9. how much are they?

    I may be looking into this myself rather soon.
  10. I got change from a twenty for the twin pack.
  11. cool.... :)

  12. Phillips have the best quality range of replacement globes but are by far the most expensive. The crystal and diamond vission range are great. They give you white light that in my opinion reflects off the road surface better. Scientific tests show that a starnard yellow light gives a longer beam. So in theory a +50 globe would be the best. The standard wiring to lights on most cars and bikes is sub standard though so a simlpe wiring loom up grade will bring good results.
  13. So how did they test the "length" of a light beam :? :) .
  14. With a light-beam-length sensor??