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VT250 FL Spada Temperature Problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by anGuz, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hey im a rookie new to the forum, and i was wondering if anyone could give me an insight into how to fix my spada's temperature gauge as it has never worked since ive owned the vt250. At high speeds the bike seems to cough a bit and ive heard it can be a result of over-heating and fan issues, im going to flush the coolant tommorrow but it would be handy to see the temperature on the gauge. I cant find any info on it even in the service manual, cant seem to see the exact cable from the cluster either, so i cant try the grounding method. Any help will be appreciated, cheers.

  2. How high are the 'high speeds' you are talking about? Due to higher speed, the air flow cools the engine quite good. I only observe higher temperatures when idling along stuck in traffic. But then I've never went faster than 100 km/h (and no caughing then), don't know how hard you are pushing her :D

    Sorry, but I can't help with the temperature gauge. But if you figure out how to reach those 2 screws to take the instrument panel off, I'd be happy if you post it. Or if you happen to know a different way to disable that bright red speed light ;)
  3. Aren't they bolts? Pretty sure I used a socket extension, and moved the clutch and speedo cables to one side...

    Pretty sure I also have some pics of the operation, but I can't get to PhotoBucket from work so will look later...
  4. I try to treat my girl well :), but the Spada's coughing has only started recently when i rode to traralgon, which is 110kmh most of the way along the Princess. NiteKreeper if you could point out which cable is for the temperature gauge that'd be a massive help.. I didnt realise how many vt250 owners there are around.. Props!
  5. Couldn't tell you which is the temp sender wire sorry, since I never had cause to split the loom - my problems were snapped needles and a dodgy tacho connection.
    Oh, and cracked instrument cases...


    If you're looking for fan issues, get your tank off and have a look under the LHS, where the thermostat and connections for the fan are - mine was getting hot when I bought it, and I found the fan connection had shaken loose.
  6. Thanks for the pictures.. Ill have a look at the thermostat tommorrow