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VT/ VTR difference?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Willzah, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Whats teh difference between VT250 and the VTR250, is it similar to CBR250R and CBR250RR as in upgraded version?

  2. No, different bikes. Ones aluminium frame ones a tube, ones got 6 gears ones got 5. Similair horsepower, etc.

    apparently there were many variations of the vt250 though. It's getting confusing trying to research it.
  3. VTR250 1997-2008 (2009 only sold in europe)

    VTR250 1988-1990, pick em coz if the 'internal' front disc and fairings

    VT250J / VT250L Spada - you can tell a spada by it's frame

    VTZ250 - lol never seen this before but hey..

    VT250F - OLD bike 1983 aroundabouts, internal front disc, but flatter nose than the VTR250 faired

    VT250C / VT250 Custom - honda cruiser

    be careful which VT250/VTR250 you're talking about :wink:

    im guessing you're talking about the difference between the Spada and the modern VTR250? same engine almost, geared differently, dif frame, looks etc. spada has clip-ons, VTR has bars a spada in good condition will have a slightly higher top speed i think. both good bikes, i prefer the VTR250 though as most people will tell you :p
  4. Have you ridden a Spada, nibor? :)
  5. Very similar bikes, I'd say it's fairly safe to think of the VTR250 as a newer version of the VT250 Spada. Rode both when I was looking for my first bike. The VTR looks a fair bit nicer, but I'd say the Spada feels like it has more punch.

    Both are light-weight and very flingable.
  6. Yeah. Totally. hell they only have differenet suspension, brakes, frame and engine. Practically the same bike.
  7. yep so basically saying its liek CBR250R to RR. slight differences...

    whoopz was wondering where my thread went, didnt think i posted it here, thought it was in general, my bad
  8. They're two very comparable 250cc naked bikes (of different vintages obviously) from the same manufacturer. Heck even the names Honda gave them imply a lineage (even if it's one of design philosophy rather than mechanical makeup).

    They're similar bikes, I'm not really sure how you can argue otherwise.
  9. As similair as a vt250 is to a gs500, or any other manufacturers naked small capacity bike, but in reality. completely different.
  10. nope :p im simply going by all that i've heard and read. feel free to correct me if im wrong!

    front suspension looks almost identical to me. same with the brakes, although the spada has a slightly larger front disc. still single two-pot. rear suspension pretty similar i think, both mono-shock. engines are both liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC, 8-valve, 90 degree V-twins. stroke and bore is identical. pretty sure the engines are almost the same, some minor differences somewhere? spada has a slightly higher max power and torque.

    the gearbox is different. spada is 6 speed, VTR 5 speed.
    the frame is different.

    as i said, correct me if im wrong. but dont just say it, show me what is right :)
  11. Yeah, different like the 2008 CBR1000RR was different to the 2007 CBR1000RR. Different motor, chassis, farings. There's no possible similarity there :wink: :p
  12. I should give you a ride some time, so you can "feel the real, real" :LOL:

    For everyone arguing about the differences, the Spada and VTR250 are far more similar to each other than anything else.....

    The VTR can be seen as a slightly more relaxed Spada.

    Anyone who wants to check out the "official" details should check out the details for each in the Japanese "honda fact book"

    Honda fact book Spada Specification

    Honda fact book VTR250 Specification
  13. touche :LOL: :LOL:
  14. The difference for me is that Spada are cheaper (due to their age). I got a grey import from Carringbah Motorcycles. When I brought my Spada, VTR250s were hard to find on the 2nd hand market. So I decided to save some money and spend it on gear and lessons. About 3-6 months after I brought my Spada, more and more 2nd hand VTR250 appeared on the market. Maybe I should have waited another 3-6 months???? Nah. I am very happy with my Spada. I had it serviced yesterday and the mechanics were very happy with it too.

    I still have not upgraded (due to money reasons). I like riding the Spada and I feel happy that it is cheaper on insurance, rego, maintenance, etc.

    I had to put a Staintune muffler on my Spada. It would have been much easier had I owned a VTR250. There are more parts and accessories available for VTR250s. The Spada was considered a great bike back in its hey day. There are still many Spadas around and that surprises me. (That people like me like owning an older bike.)

    Nibor, excellent posting of pics. I really like them.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for Hondas, does a R designation at the end of a model name mean RACE, and RR designation mean RACE REPLICA?

    ie, the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR differ slightly from the older R versions in price and performance
  16. The R and RR designations mean:
    a) you probably ride too fast
    b) you probably pay too much insurance
  17. I can think of a RRR designation:

    For the money you should have bought an exotic

  18. Actually sometimes the (R) designation can be used to refer to the year produced. For instance the 1994-1996 CBR250RR(R). :LOL:

    But yeah, in theory, RR stands for race replica. Generally because that model is raced at WSBK or similar. For instance the previous 600cc ZX6RR that kawasaki sold at the same time as the 636cc ZX6R. The only reason kawasaki sold the ZX6RR was for racing homologation.

    As for the single 'R', manufacturers like to stick it onto any fully faired bike that could be (based on visual perceptions alone) deemed 'sporty'.