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vt 1100 respray cost and chroming.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rhys84au, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, mate of mines old man has a 96 vt1100 (~60000ks) that I could get from him for 3k. It's a tempting buy for mt first foray into cruisers.

    Major pain in the ass tho is that the exhaust system sucks sucks(no biggie) and it was dropped on its left side.. no major damage just a decent scratch to the tank.

    It has the standard butt ugly creamed and maroon colour scheme which If I bought the bike I would want to replace.

    So.. does anybody know a ball park figure I should expect to pay to have the bike resprayed in a single tone (black)

    Iam up in brissie if it makes much of a diff.

    Also how difficult/cost prohibitive is getting the chrome work redone to everything? Never looked into bike restoration so this is new grounds.

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    A lot of this cost is dependent on whether you want to pull off the parts yourself?

    I was going to get a lot of my stuff rechromed but a bit of steel wool and polish and it has mostly come up damn good, especially the stuff that is original Honda (the aftermarket lights and floorboards less so). I would try that first, then you might be able to get the rest brand new from the states (especially if you are already ordering a pipe).

    One thing that hasnt come up well with elbow grease are the forks, which are going to be a pain as it is a pain to get them off. Consider that.

    Edit I forgot to say that these bikes arent the most powerful thing but they handle fairly well for their weight, , they arent that low so they don't scrape. Mine has been comfortable, and generally been reliable. Bit of a biatch in traffic because of the weight.

    It is the bike that Harley sued Honda over and they were trying to copyright the Harley sound, it has a single pin crank and pushrod valves so sounds the same. This is when the Japanese first gave up making a metric cruiser that was better and just made one the same.