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Vstrom tyre time, suggestions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dsyfer, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. The DL650 kicked over 8,500kms today and it is time for some new tyres.

    The Trail Wings have been ok'ish, not the best in the wet (had the front slide in corners a few times) reasonable in the dry, but thought I would have got more kms out of them.

    Tyre condition as of today 8,500kms:

    Front down to the wear indicators on both sides at the half way mark between centre and shoulder, centre looks like it has a bit left.

    Rear has maybe 500kms left on it.

    Bike travels about 100kms a day, 90% hills/suburbs, 10% gravel/hardpack.

    Looking for advice as to a replacement, grip, wear, wet, etc experience would be good.

  2. Cheers, they look the goods. Now to find some.
  3. Scorpions?
  4. anything with metzeler written on it
  5. Found some Metzeler Tourances this morning over the phone, fitted today at 1:30pm, 30kms of dirt/gravel by 3pm to scrub them in, then onto the hills.

    WOW, brilliant tyres. Feels like the front wheel has dropped a couple of inches in diameter. The bike is so much more precise now, tip in is so much smoother than the trail wings, I'm sold. Let's see how they wear.
  6. I just need another 7000kms and i think I will get the same for my wee