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vstrom dl650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by newtoit, May 19, 2012.

  1. I am thinking about buying a vstrom as a second bike.
    What are peoples thoughts on them?
    If you have one why why not one of the other advanture tourers

  2. My thoughts are that they have a great reputation, a genuine 'all-rounder', bullet-proof engine etc...

    BUT...to look at they excite me as much as a piece of farm equipment. Too agricultural and a bit boring.

    I bet they go great and people seem to swear by them. But I get no visceral reaction when I look at one.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I just got a VFR800 and think it looks bloody great - some people might think it looks sh*t?

    BTW - I like the look of the new Triumph 800cc adventure tourers.
  3. I assume you are looking for a bike that you want to actually ride rather than look at, so judge the Wee Strom by what it does rather than how it looks. And it does plenty. Check here <http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=425717> for Wee Stroms in all sorts of out of the way places, and warts and all advice about owning and using one. My test of both the 650 and the 1000 left me feeling that the 650 was the nicer of the two. Not as quick but good fuel range, smooth and willing engine, and enough power to do the job. A bike with a big reputation for good reasons.
  4. Thanks guys

    I also like the tiger except for the price tag
  5. I don't own one, but at one point I both my dad and brother had the v-strom and I had the sv650 so that must say something about the 650 cc motor - it's a little champion. I can't compare to the other ad-tourers, but the dl650 was very comfortable and very capable on-road.
  6. I love my strom. I've had her for 10mths and she is a champion, enough get up and go on the highway, takes the twisties with ease and doesn't drag anything, great fuel ecconomy. She is a 2011 model, I've just lowered her and makes me more stable at the low speed stuff and parking. happy happy happy.
  7. I have a 2012 Wee and I pinch myself every day owning this bike and me making probably my best purchasing decision yet.
    It's a bike for practicle riders. By that I mean commuting, touring, every day riding.
    It's not a performance bike or even a weekend run around rather a perfectly balanced do it all at an incredible price.
    It has no street cred looks average and on paper is average. But just ride one and you will quickly see why they are so damn popular.

    I am not aware of a poor review nor a regretful owner. Test ride one you won't be disappointed.
  8. I don't own one.....

    However the Strom has always been a cracker of a bike with good rep and good manners..

    PM Jafu - He can tell you all about them (y)
  9. I have just bought a 2012 650 and am more than happy with it. I also have a GSX1400 and could not bring myself to sell it but after a few short days with the strom I think the 1400 will be going. What I want in a bike has changed and the 14 just can't do the things the Vstrom can. The Vstrom is more than most owners will ask of it and would have to be one of the best value bikes in the segment. I love the look of the Triumph and there is no doubt it would be a great bike but to me is not worth $5000 more. I bought the 650 over the 1000 as it just has a much better ballance and has ABS. I don't know if the 650 lacks power but it has enough get up and handles better than you would think and may just be the perfect UJM. I think the Vstrom would be most things to most people and there would not be many bikes that could lay claim to that.

  10. Nnnnnoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say it isn't so!

    Having said that - and as another GSX1400 rider - those V-Stroms look like a good think to me.

    Won't be selling the 1400 for one though....
  11. Had mine for a month now, ridden to work everyday rain or shine, it does dirt and twisty roads with ease and is so much fun to ride. And as stated above is probably one of the best bikes available for the average rider.

    I find myself taking the 'back road' home after work, and throwing in some gravel roads through the valley after the chain of ponds tarmac is the perfect wind down.

    They are comfortable to ride fast or slow in traffic, can scrape the pegs in the twisties with confidence, and it feels planted at $1.20 on secondary dirt/gravel roads.

    I get over 400kms per tank of 98 running back and forth to work, and I'm not easy on the throttle in the hills part.

    To me it feels like a refined big dirt bike, rather than a road bike feel. I have put on a set of renthal fatbars on mine, which transforms the feel of it, a lot more solid feel. The remote preload is great for when loading up at the shops, or taking the kid for a ride.

    It is a bike that will fit in and perform great in the 90% of situations and roads that you will actually ride.
  12. I traded my Bandit for the L2 DL650 and as others have said it is the best decision I have made. This bike does it all without fuss. It feels safer in the twisties than the Bandit and I have adjusted to using the gears rather than to rely on the pure grunt of the Bandit.

    I have an Airhawk on the seat but the stock seat is very comfortable and no more numbus bummus after a day's ride. Fuel economy is fantastic, I did a 200k run through the hills yesterday and my fuel indicator showed an average of 28.3k to the litre.

    The windscreen is OK with no buffeting up to 80k then a bit around 100k but not disturbing. I am fairly short though, my 6'2" friend has one as well and he experiences a fair bit of buffeting. I have ordered the Givi Airflow screen because I want to eliminate the wind as much as possible and they get good reviews as a replacement.

    I am getting near retirement age and I can foresee this bike lasting until I get too old to ride safely. It is probably not so much a young bloke's fancy but for me it is great. This bike makes me want to ride.
  13. Well said.
  14. I have had mine for about 12 months, and remain impressed. Very comfortable, characterful, enough power particularly in the midrange (I have had faster bikes but don't miss them), good fuel range, and looks from certain angles that are actually growing on me. Comfortable for touring - I can ride all day, particularly on twisting back roads.

    It is not perfect. Servicing costs are higher than I wanted, and it is a big bike to get on and off.

    But surprising in some ways. A tighter turning circle than many smaller bikes, and excellent visibility making it really great in many commuting situations. A flip top helmet helps with this. And in particular, the handling. I have ridden some pretty sporting bikes, and feel more than comfortable on the wee strom. I think this is the due to long wheel base providing a high degree of stability. You may lean over a bit, but there is a long way to lean and it feel very stable doing so. Overtaking is a breeze - just open it up in top, no drama.

    My next bike? The new wee strom looks OK, but maybe lacks some of the visual character of my 2006 model.
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  15. Well thanks to all I picked up my 2012 vstrom 650 today in orange, it was so easy and nice to ride. I look forward to a few rides over the weekend
  16. Well done, mines a fox orange 12 as well. Absolutely no regrets
  17. I test rode a new model yesterday. Without doubt very smooth, better looking from many angles, visually a lot smaller, easy to ride and peppy. Lots of very bottom end power. And I like the concept of ABS, particularly on dirt. The price is excellent too.

    But, compared to my 2006 Wee Strom bwith a Staintune pipe, it lack character...I will probably end getting the new model at some stage, but until after I have checked out the Tiger and perhaps BMW. And only with a pipe of some sort.
  18. I agree with the need for a pipe it would add a lot. I liked the tiger a lot just not at the price
  19. Great thing about the DL650 is that by putting all the extras on it for touring, they still come in much cheaper than the stock Trumpy Tiger.

    I've had my 2007 model Wee-strom for 9 Months now and am really enjoying the ownership. A couple of Months after buying it I went on a 2,800km trip up North and what a great test for a bike...just about all kinds of terrain, all kinds of weather (except gale & cyclonc winds..eer and snow) the DL650 was not wanting for anything...just a brilliant allrounder.

    When these bikes first came on the market, I wanted one but couldn't because they weren't applicable for the LAMS Licence restrictions (too much power) but I promised myself that one day I'll have one...fast forward 8 yrs later (yeah it took that long lol) and I've got a lovely burgundy 07 Model.

    I rode a DL1000 but it felt very agricultural around town where most my day to day riding will be and the 650 was much sweeter.

    Probably the only minus for me was I think that the 6th gear is too low, should be more over-drive-ish as sometimes I'm hunting for that extra gear at Hwy speeds..I think it's probably to do with the fact I'm not used to seeing something revving at 5,000 at a tad over 100kph (car mentality me thinks) it's redline is 10,500 so it's still not quite halfway.

    I would have liked ABS but I'm not one to rely soley on technology but the braking seems fairly positive and have had only one "oh shit" lock up moment of the rear but never the front.

    Would I buy another DL650....YOU BET!!


  20. iirc the vstrom has higher gearing than other bikes with the same motor, maybe because it's heavier, I don't know. My brother went one tooth down on the front on his DL so that the gearing matched a stock naked sv. I think it now runs at 4 something thousand rpm on the highway, 5k at 120.