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VStrom (Daffy)

  1. G'day 69SIM69SIM. I particularly like the V-Strom and where they can be ridden on and off the asphalt. How do you like your DL1000? Are there any particular high and or low points about it?
  2. Personally I'm loving the VStrom. It's no BMW or Tiger but of all the bikes I test rode (included a 650 VStrom) it was the one that suited my budget and I liked the feel of it when you are riding. It's particularly tall so I have the lower seat to make it a bit easier when stopped. At 240kg it's hefty and I have had to pick it up once after the center stand flicked up when I was parking the bike and I "placed" it on the side. I've still got the original rubber on so I haven't done much dirt, a few k's up at Mudgee, but eventually I want to possibly put some road/dirt tyres on if i get up the courage to take it offroad. I have ridden it to Mudgee from Syndey and it was great, plenty of torque down low and with the adjustable rear suspension it was pretty comfortable though I have bought myself an Airhawk which improved bum pain considerably :)
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  3. Yes, it seems to be one of those 'best-value-for-money' bikes in it's class. I generally go for the best value option. I have also looked at the Yamaha Super Téneré which has a shaft drive and is priced significantly higher. I am in a bit of a quandary as to whether to go for a sport-tourer or adventure-tourer model. I have been given an Airhawk seat cushion which will most likely be put to use on whatever bike I choose unless I buy an after-market seat like those that Corbin produce or similar. Thank you for the comprehensive response, it is much appreciated. :]
  4. In the end I may never do much (if any) dirt riding on my VStrom, but on those long trips it's a lovely bike to ride, eats up freeway miles with ease too!

    Yeah the Téneré was on the list but was pushing my budget at the time. Considering though that it is a 1200 and is being pushed more in line like the Tiger & BMW's (especially being shaft drive) it would definitely be a great machine. Seeing you ride (I assume) an XJ6N, you know the quality of build the Yamaha's have so that might be a deciding factor. One of the other bikes that got my attention was the Kawasaki Versys 1000, whilst not toted as adventure as much as the VStroms, it has the same tourer design so would slot in between sports and adventure.

    The main points for getting the VStrom for me was that I felt anything bigger than a 1000 might be pushing my skill limit, knowing a few people with VStroms and knowing their reliability, and price point. That being said, I've spent probably waaaaay too much on bike bling hehehe ;)
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  5. Yes, my XJ6NL has been an excellent motorcycle to start riding on the road. Although I don't think you can go much wrong with any Japanese manufacturer. For me, the dirt of far western NSW and beyond is calling. Whether my next bike takes me there or another one later on is a question I can't answer but if I did the DL1000 would be a particularly good one. I've heard a few people calling the bike's appearance into (subjective) question but never its abilities or reliability within the reasonable limits of those abilities.

    It's a common problem isn't it! Touring and adventure bikes are particularly susceptible to farkling! I can't wait. The exhaust/oil cooler/engine crash plate is probably the most mandatory first one I can think of for V-Stroms going on the dirt but all of the other accesories you've fitted make for a good catalogue for me too.
  6. Yeah if you want reliability, go Japanese. And generally you'll never have to worry about parts for them.

    Haha yeah same, though tbh I like the look. The "beak" gives it an off road look similar to how the BMW's now look and are akin to the off-road bikes of old. It's funny, the beak has divided the adv-tourer community for a while with even BMW getting a bit of flack for theirs. Of all the reviews I read that were anti DL1000 beak, a lot of them didn't review the bike itself, just the asthetics, or if they did, they pretty much agree that the bike did the job well but not to the level of your BMW's or KTM's... which is pretty understandable given the price points.

    I am contemplating either wrapping or painting my beak "Daffy Duck Beak Orange" hehehe, it is called Daffy for a reason ;)

    When I bought the bike I got a deal with the center stand, hand guards and engine guard. The guard I got is the basic plastic one which pretty much just protects the oil filter from light debris hitting it. If I do go the dirt route then a bash plate is #2 on the list after some sort of road/dirt tyre.

    At one stage I was thinking of getting a DR650 or similar and doing some dirt just to get my skills up, but with so many bikes to drool over and so little garage space, it was one of those dreamin' moments ;)
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  7. That was the first bike I became particularly interested in. I've always been interested in motorcycles in a general sense however reading one particular eighteen month-long ride report (!) during 2010-11 in which a Kiwi rode much of Australia on a Suzuki DR650 firmly planted it in my mind as a capable machine.

    I also like the idea of having two bikes, one being a DR650 for the dirt. I also don't quite have the space or budget to purchase, register, insure, maintain and run two bikes at this point which is very sad. One day, maybe. :]
  8. :(
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  9. Yes, may Daffy rest in peace...

    But on the horizon, a new Daffy will appear... Sleeker? More Powerful? Lower so I can get my busted leg over it? who knows! haha :)
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  10. :sneaky: Daffy II
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  11. Daytaffy 675R...
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  12. Steve - you really are in trouble mate - Daytona references are popping up everywhere.

    REMEMBER - do NOT call your girlfriend Daytona. I know you really want to, but don't.
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  13. Haha I've got a pile more bikes to test ride. Not that I need a new one. But it would be so nice ;-)
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