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Vstrom 650 now with ABS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/modeldetail.php?intBikeID=173

    Test rode a Vstrom today and now I see what all the fuss is about!

    The one I rode was a K7 and gee it was a blast, been researching them since before I got off restrictions. Don't know why I took so long to test ride one.

    Perfect height for me (6ft 4) comfy seat, great ergonomics. I reckon I could ride it all day long.

    The test bike had a Staintune on it and sounded wicked. Can't beat that Vtwin rumble!

    Also the ability to ride dirt roads is an added bonus, especially considering I do a fair bit of camping and such.

    So I have now gone off the idea of a VFR, think I got a bit excited because it was the first big bike I rode.

    I really think this bike will suit me much better, down to the ground actually. And at $10k ride away with free luggage, what a bargain!

    Now I just have to decide weather to get ABS or not. But for 500 clams extra I think I will. Still to do a bit of research on the net as the ABS has been available for a while in the US, so I will see what the Yanks have to say about it.

    Any thoughts on ABS? How would it go on dirt?

    Ps from what I have read it is a Bosch unit.
  2. Well, you don't get super sticky tyres for those wheel sizes, so I'd imagine the front wouldn't be all that hard to lock up in an emergency. If you can afford it, maybe it's a decent addition. I don't know that I'd bother, a front-end lockup is a good thing to be able to manage.
  3. I found the brakes aren't that outstanding. The bike feels very heavy and I really have to squeeze hard to get it slowing at any great rate(compared to the CBR600 and the VTR250 before that). You could find yourself in a situation where you haven't slowed as much as you thought you would and then squeeze too hard too late to compensate. Then the ABS will help to get every last ounce of traction out of the tyres.
  4. Yep I did find the brakes somewhat spongy compared to my VTR250.

    Just saw something on ADVrider that apparently the ABS is switchable haven't confirmed as yet but would be best of both worlds for dirt and on road?
  5. Hey Pete

    Just wondering where you got to test ride the bike??
    I would love to have a listen to the different pipe

    I was told the K7 650 had no upgrade of exhaust and I think my strom needs better sounds

  6. Go the Strom, they're great bikes :cool:

    How did you go with the buffeting? I'm 6' 1" and was noticeable above 100kmh

    From what I've read, they all turn it off for dirt.
  7. Hi Tracey, the bike I test rode was at Mick Hone Motorcycles in Box Hill. The sales guys name is Ziggy.

    Apparently you have to replace the whole system (including the collector box?) they cost about a grand. Really does sound pretty cool.
  8. The buffeting was really the only turn off. I was expecting it so I took it on the Eastern Freeway to see how bad it was. Well it was bad, so much so that it gave me blurred vision!

    I have been assured that installing a taller Givi screen will fix it. I know there are a lot of different screens and things available to help improve or alleviate it.

    After further research there doesn't seem to be a switch for the ABS, in the US at least and I presume it will be the same for the bikes we get here. Have to wait and see i guess.

    Some guys on Stromtrooper made their own switch, some pull the fuse and the rest are either not concerned about it or reckon it is ok.
  9. Pete thanks for the info regarding the exhaust

    now the buffering
    I had the same prob
    for just the short distance from Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie to our place in Mickleham I felt sick enough to chuck and dizzy as well

    both Phil and myself are different heights but still shorter than you and I reckon if we had probs with the screen on the highest, you most likely will also.

    We bought the Madstad adjustable windscreen mount.
    I know some people say it doesnt work for everyone but I have yet to find some one that it doesnt work for. You do have to fiddle a bit to get it right, but now. its incredible, the ride is awesome and really notice the difference once the madstad is set right for you.
    We each have our own v-strom and the screen is set differently for each of us.

    I couldnt recomend the V-Strom enough.

  10. [

    Hi Tracey, the bike I test rode was at Mick Hone Motorcycles in Box Hill. The sales guys name is Ziggy.

    BEWARE... I bought a scooter years ago off these guys and they have the worst after sales service EVER. And yes, the salesman was Ziggy. I had problem after problem and they (he) was shit.

    I now have a Strom and love it. Have a Remus exhaust fitted and it makes the bike sound amazing.

    Best deal at the moment is (maybe was-as it was a month ago a mate was looking) was a brand newy (06 model) in Ararat Victoria for $9k ride away with the Givi promotion (ie, about 1200 bucks extras).
    If I had seen this when I bought mine two years ago, I wouldn't have bought 2nd hand.
    IMHO The V-Strom is one of the most practical (and fun) bikes around.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Marty, I haven't actually got around to deciding which dealer I am going to buy off yet. I have a few options around my area so I will check them out.

    After sales service is a biggie for me so I will be checking out a few dealers workshops and speaking to a few mechanics before I make a decision.

    I prefer to service the bike where I buy it, I find they (should) look after you better, loan bikes stuff like that.

    Anyone recommend a Suzi dealer east of Melbourne? BTX any good?
  12. A little of topic here, but how do you go with ride height? I haven't ridden one, but sat on one at the local dealer, and i was struggling to have flat feet on the ground (and i'm 6'....)

    i'm keen on one myself, but this put me off a little....
  13. As you'd know, it is a big bike. Even just width wise. One thing I find a little annoying when it comes to getting the feet down is the pegs seem to be in a bad position such that when my feet are down, the pegs are sitting right on the back of my lower leg. Makes me a little wary of putting the feet down before I am absolutely and completely stopped.
  14. Welcome

    The 1000 has a higher seat height, good news is the seats swap straight over.

    If you were struggling on a 650 seat height, sounds like someone had already swapped seats over :wink:
  15. I'm 5ft 5 and love my strom
    BUT I have got it lowered around an inch and a half
    and it rides awesome
    I have done the Great Ocean Road and a few other rides with no hindrance at all
    though I have not been game to gutter jump :LOL:

    Phils 5ft 9 and he didnt require his to be lowered at all

    you can get a lower seat also

  16. I'm 6ft and with no lowering and on a 650, I can get both feet flat on the ground comfortably.
  17. It may be as Toecutter says and the seat has been changed over. i might head back on the weekend and see what i can find out.

    Last time I was there they were a little busy, so didn't get a chance to chat to anyone about it. Just saw it there and thought i'd try it out for size :)

    So how would people rate this against the SV's? (another bike i'm interested in...). Actually, i really should be starting my own thread... or searching :p
  18. SV's a smooth road bike, peaky engine and light weight.

    Strom is an all roads bike, 19" front wheel to survive potholes, longer travel suspension and torque down lower

    Ride them both but also think about what you want to do and where you want to go.

    If buying new the Strom has free luggage till end of October - IMHO best value bike just got better :cool:
  19. Sweet. looks like i might have to do some research on the weekend :)

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and sorry for hijacking the thread!