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Vstrom 1000 - Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Human Potato, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I have gotten interested in Vstrom 1000's. I was intending to get a Vstrom 650 but after a test ride I found that I fit the bigger bike perfectly also and enjoyed the power. But reading about them online they sound a lot less relialbe and seem to have countless issues.

    So is it just that there are a lot of fussy riders out there, or should I steer clear of what may be a potential lemon ?

  2. I don't know about issues, but I know plenty of people who rode both and bought the smaller bike instead of the bigger one, and didn't regret the decision.
  3. I there is a monstrous forum thread out there in Internet land that goes through the pros and cons of both bikes. My internet has been slowed so I can't be bothered finding it but the conclusion I reached after reading all 100+ pages was that both were good bikes with their advantages and disadvantages.

    I really decided that I wanted some power to satisfy my inner hoon.

    I eventually got the Bandit 1250 instead.
  4. I believe the concensus on advrider is get the 650 or get the GS (or the ktm if you are a mechanic).

    I got the Ulysses, damn i miss that bike.
  5. I haven't owned either, but did a lot of research before I went off and got a TDM900 (another bike worth checking out!). The general consensus I got was if you're after some off road fun and an extremely capable bike, but didn't feel the need to get every at lightspeed, the 650 was the one to go for.

    If you wanted the big grin of more power than most riders could fully utilise, the thou was the choice.

    Not meaning to bag them, but I think the 650 was choice for people thinking logically of fuel, tyres, etc. The thou was picked by those that didn't care about those things and just wanted to have some fun.
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  6. Speaking to a Suzi dealer at PI saturday, saw the new 2012 verison of the 650, slimmer, lost 2 litres in tank, have fluid round the filter to keep oil cool now instead of the oil cooler out as previous, the 2013 1000 will get the same face lift if you want to wait and go the thou. In the mean time, if you want a 650, you can get an 11 for $9990 ride away I thin he said, so you can squeeze a little.
    Personally I thought the 650 didnt have enough balls, but I am lazy and dont like changing gears too much. So horses for courses!! what suits you best :)
  7. Yep - did exactly the same thing - after riding the TDM and looking at a combination of touring and commuting it came out on top.

    (Sorry for the hijack)
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  8. I've ridden a couple of vstroms, both the 650 and 1000

    The 1000 is good if you are planning any 2 up riding or touring, whereas the 650 is better if your solo and doing a lot of dirt roads (not tracks). The new 650 has had more recalls in the last year than the previous 650 had in its life. The 1000 seems to be pretty reliable but like any bike they are only as good as they have been looked after (2nd hand here)

    The 1000 makes an excellent tourer, seat is way comfortable and with an appropriate pannier and top box system you can take the kitchen sink away and still do a few of the better dirt roads while you're out

    Compared to a beemer, I know people who would put up with a ugly strom (yes they are an ugly bike) at 1/2 the price or less of the equivalent beemer and that makes for a lot of modifications to set it up exactly to your liking and still have money left over for your first big road trip.

    Noticed a few people mention the TDM, I've never ridden one so couldn't compare it to a strom but I'm starting to hear some good things about those as well.

    good luck whichever way you choose to go.
  9. Yep, agree that you should give the TDM a go.. A real suprise packet!
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  10. I can only find one recall for the new one, what are the others? Or are you alluding to the fact the previous one had none?

    Both bikes are very reliable, there are not any issues for either. I've owned both and would take the 650 every day of the week. You really need to go up one tooth for the front sprocket, as standard it revs too high on the open road.

    If the 650 felt under powered than go the 1000 but I thought it felt like too much of a tank around town.
  11. Are you sure about that? I've not seen a whisper anywhere on the Internet, apart from those who are really hoping they'll do this. Also, word is in the U.S that the 1000 that was dropped a couple of years or so ago (the 650 has sold in much bigger numbers) is being re-introduced there, but unchanged. There might be a Suzuki warehouse full of them that they need to clear.

    If they really are updating the 1000 like they've done the 650, it would be an excellent bike. Maybe with the new 1200 Tiger and Honda Crosstourer just arrived in a growing market sector they've decided to give the 1000 another shot. I'd be pretty darn interested after having seen the new 650.
  12. I am going by what a Suzi dealer told me himself..
  13. Yeah, I got that from your earlier post.

    A bit of dig around the 'net came up with someone saying one of the Suzuki top brass (in France or somewhere) mentioned three 2013 models getting a makeover, the GSX-R 1000, a "GT" (whatever that might be), and the VStrom 1000.

    Sounds promising.
  14. New verison looks alot slimmer [650 anyway] looks nice IMO
  15. After much research the V Strom 650 or the V Strom 1000?? both great bikes but the winner is....... TDM900! (No I own a cruiser) Best of luck
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  16. No convincing needed here....:D
  17. I have had the 1000 for 2 years now and it just gets better and better. Never had an issue with any part other than a recall for something last year that was for all Suzukis. I commute from Coburg to Laverton every day (approx 30 k's each way) and the bike is excellent. Handles gravel and traffic well and can ride for hours with out any fatigue problems, did a 4 day 2400km tour around Victoria in November last year. Heaps of power and great handling. Check out Stromtrooper.com lots of info.
  18. No... [-(
  19. what was that? The only 'strom recalls on suzuki's web site are for the thou. I never got any notification about the 650 and I can't see anything on line
  20. Problem was with the rectifier and included models were GSXR750, Hayabusa and others. Was a 15 min job to replace mine.
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