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VSTAR650 novice rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fredc, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Hi all , new to the forums. Did my rider course few weeks back and today made a commitment to buy a 2013 650 Vstar Custom. Had the same reservations around wether its the right bike to do the test with. Time will tell.

  2. buy the vstar, they are a great first cruiser, and do your test on the Testers bike.
  3. Welcome Fred.
    The XVS650 is a great forgiving mid weight cruiser, if that's what you like. They are a great learner bike if you plan to keep it a few years.
    They are not very manoeuvrable though, so I wouldn't recommend it for your test. Use their bike if you can.
  4. I've just traded in my VStar 650 after having it for my LAMS period plus a bit extra while I saved up some cash. Almost 2 years and 20,000km in total, ridden daily and thoroughly enjoyed given the limitations imposed by LAMS.

    What Stever42 says is correct though. I had the option to do my licence test on the VStar, but chose to use the provided CBR250 and I'm glad I did. They're a lot easier to turn in a tight space compared to the VStar which can be a bit of a pig sometimes. You'll be doing MOST which I believe includes figure 8 and U-turn components (could be wrong?), and I think you'll appreciate a lighter bike if one is offered to you. Even if you're used to the cruiser, it takes almost no time to get familiar with the smaller ones.
  5. The xvs650 is a great choice for a LAMS bike, and could easily see you through your learners P's and even on your full license.

    Lots of bolt on bits and pieces to mod the bike and make it a little more unique and you can go even further by starting to chop it.

    This was my 1100

    It was a fantastic bike, when teaching my Mrs. To ride I was demonstrating all the MOST maneuvers on it, the 650 is a little lighter and turns a little tighter, if you practice like you should you won't have any issues doing the MOST on your own bike.

    As for keeping the 650 past your restrictions, until you start hauling a bunch of luggage and a pillion you won't be disappointed and that's not to say the 650 can't carry all that weight it would just be more comfortable to do it on a larger cruiser especially when doing longer trips.

    While the 650 might be heavier than your average LAMS bike it has nice wide bars and a low centre of gravity that make turning it a breeze.
  6. I used a virago 400 for my ps test. Looking back, it would have been much easier to use a more suitable bike. It's possible but why make it harder?
  7. i used my xvs 650 for the MOST test no problems. If its harder for you to manouver then you simply havnt practiced enough.
  8. As an old XS-650 Yamaha rider (see my avatar, left) I'm fascinated and delighted to see the old crossed tuning-forks gang hitting the sweet-spot with another great 650. There was a time a few years back here on Netrider when every second new person who joined had or was getting an XVS650..
  9. Appreciate the response. Im taking the delivery of the 650 next week (cant wait) and will need to get a blue slip. Either of you know if the pipes on the bike will be a problem ? Refer to my avatar.
    Q2: Im getting slugged on insurance due to being a L plater ($800 p/yr). I can easily register the vehicle under a mates name with a full licence and save quite a bit on insurance ($460). Im sure many of you had a similar experience?
  10. Must say the rear while on the 650 is the area i dislike most. iclint love the rear wheel on your bike, where can i get one like that?
  11. Without knowing anything about your age or driving history, all I can tell you is that my own experience I found insurance prices varied dramatically between companies. I ended up going through RACV where they looked at my 20+ years of driving (not riding) experience, rating 1 insurance history, and quoted me $370.

    If you put do put it through a mate, then there's a risk that you may not actually be covered if you have an accident, so check the policy carefully.
  12. Fred, sorry, yes I think the pipes will be an issue unless there's significant baffles in them. For a RWC down here you'd need a set of the stock pipes.