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Vstar650 Custom

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by oldguyonl, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Got my Vstar 650 custom today and cant stop smiling :) really happy, have taken it for a few spins around the block and after typing this up im ready to go again :D

    i am so glad I stuck to my guns and decided to stick withe the Vstar I nearly got a Laro prostreet 350 instead but smarts took over and i ddint want a bike that would have no re-sale value later on :D

  2. And the Yamy V-Star coffers go kaching kaching....... :D
  3. Congrats. I pick mine in an hour! :)
  4. And theve been doing that since it came out =D>. Theres a very good reason too, these VStars are very good, bullet proof and simple bikes.

    Another very satisfied Yammy customer here oldguyonl. Ive got a white XVS650 custom.
  5. And you forgot one thing, a shite load of bike for the money....
  6. Very happy with my V-Star. Got mine just over 2 months ago and lovin' it. Originally got it with the intention of upgrading once my LAMS restriction is over, since they hold their value well. But I can't see myself parting with it now.

    Later down the track it might become a project bike and get turned into a Bobber.
  7. congrats, enjoy the ride.
  8. Picked up mine yesterday evening around 5:30 (after all the paperwork and retrying some of the gear) and drove home which is about 35 kms away.

    What a feeling!! The power, the sound, the journey - Awesome.

    Only thing that was hindering this ride was the gloves. I bought DriRider waterproof gloves with kevlar etc and found out along the way that I'm still not used to them. I might need to buy a simple thin leather gloves as well.

    The weather was perfect for the ride home and cant wait for more rides this long weekend!