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Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. For some reason i've got my heart set on the Vstar...

    I have to decide now on 650 or 1100

    Does the Suzuki m50 have a belt or chain? I have to check this one out...
  2. Not sure about the others but the 1100 is a shafty.
    Keeps them nice and neat. 650 or 1100? I'd go the 1100 but dont know much about the 50.
  3. M50 is shaft drive ... :grin:
  4. If you can have either, then go for the 1100 over the 650 any day. More power, rear disc brake versus drum on the 650, twin disc brakes on the front versus single on the 650, better at hwy speeds, better long distance capability. (Not meaning kms per tank - neither are particularly long range).

    The only real reasons to consider the 650 is that it isn't quite as heavy, its cheaper, and its LAMS legal in states that have that as an option.
  5. I traded the M50 for a M109. An 1800 is almost enough for commuting!.

    You can never have enough power!.
    The bigger bikes also usually get a better frame, better brakes, etc etc.
  6. riding

    cheers thanks guys!

    I'll have to test ride both and see how i go, i am only a weekend rider

    The only reason why I am checking out the M50 is cuz it's got fuel indicator on it - they only have that on some bikes is it worth worrying about? the yammie's dont have it...:(
  7. I don't really trust it anyway, in my experience you do nearly half the range of your tank before the gauge gets off the full mark!
    Just always fill your tank to the top and reset the trip meter, it works with any bike. :)
  8. Fuel indicator is nice ... but I still use it with the odometer reading and gut feel on how hard I've been riding ... the FI bikes (M50) don't have a reserve tank ... so you actually gotta keep an eye on it ... nothing major though.

  9. Test ride the 650 and then the 1100, you won't need to worry about your decision... it'll come to you :wink:
  10. fuel

    ok thanks guys

    I wont worry about the fuel indicator...

    I'll let you know how i go with the ride!
  11. Fuel indicators :LOL: give me a reserve tank and an odometer any day if possible :)
  12. where the best place to sell a bike now i've nearly decided on which new bike i want to get - is it worth trading in or selling private?

    I've got a Yahama Virago 93 - 53Kms approx
  13. Get a trade in price from the dealer then sell private at a bit higher.
  14. don't be scared to bargain with the dealer on the trade in price, i got 3k for my '96 gpx250 with 60k on the clock.
    and it needed a bit of work.

    but still regularly hit 390k's per tank.
  15. http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/au/mcycle/index.php

    That may help with your pricing question.