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Vstar XVS650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by phat_dogg, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Currently looking at a 2006 Yamaha XVS650 Classic with less than 8000kms and vance and hines pipes. 6 months rego. Only thing is that it is a repairable write off. It has no damage at the moment whatsoever, except for a dent in the tank. The bike is straight. SHould i stay away or should i get it. It's a good price imo.
  2. Price is $6000 btw.
  3. Isnt a brand new one, $7500-00 Ride away.???????????
  4. From what I can find it's more like 10,000... but 6,000 for nearly 5-year old write-off still doesn't seem like a good deal. I'd say keep looking, or at least bargain really hard!
  5. Brand new is $10.5K (I got mine end of Dec.)

    And for that you get a nice two year warranty and no-one else's service history!

    For this one you're looking at, if it wasn't a write off... but otherwise, personally I wouldn't get it at that price. Like R.T said - Bargain REAL hard!
  6. i had an 06 xvs650 custom about 2 yrs ago... long story short my old mans drop saw fell off the mezzanine floor and landed on my tank just missing the handle bars but smashing my speedo and making a huge dent in my tank and broke my brake pedal... insurence called it a write off.. i bought it back for 2000 bucks bought a new tank and parts all painted fitted and fixed cost me $3000 sold it for 6k.. went out and bought a shadow...