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Vstar 650 seat advice?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Pipstar67, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all. I'm new here. I ride a Vstar 650 Classic. Just wondering, has anyone upgraded their seat? I'm looking at maybe getting the Drag Specialties Predator seat in flame stitch, p/n 0810-0953, I particularly like the low slung style of that seat but don't want to shell out near $500 without someone elses advice. The factory seat tends to push my riding position forward giving me a sore tailbone. I don't go much on the Mustang seat style. I want something comfortable which also covers the back guard in a one piece design. Any advice appreciated. Cheers!

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  3. I'd talk to an upholsterer in your area.
    They might be able to offer some suggestions on making the seat more comfortable.
    There isn't a real lot in the back of the XVS seats so I don't think changing it will give you much more.
    Flying, I did have an upholsterer of here add a few inches to my pillion seat to make it a bit more comfortable for my pillion on long rides.
    Wider and deeper with better foam.
  4. OK, so, I ordered the Predator seat from Jawsys online in the US. In Australia it retailed for about $800, had it delivered for $503, it took 15 days (the last 50 kms took 4 days, good 'ol Oz post).
    I had to remove the original pillion seat mounting bracket and swap the mounting nut spacer for the one supplied with the seat. It fitted perfectly, no adjustment needed. I removed the original grab strap , it looked a lot cleaner with it gone.
    The quality of the seat is tops, a good solid black plastic base, really neat stitching and the leather quality is brilliant. The padding is quite firm but feels much more comfortable than the original. It sits you down about an inch lower and slightly back giving the feel of sitting 'in' the bike rather than on it. Am yet to give it a long run so I'll give a better report later.
    I'll try and post a before and after pic but the photos don't do it justice. it looks and feels excellent.
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