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vstar 650 for a novice rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Temich, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just finished a pre-learner course and looking forward to Driver Knowledge Test to get my L license. In the same time looking for a cruiser - vstar 650 and some concerns popped up.

    During pre-learner we rode 125cc and it was agile and easy to handle. So I wondering how painful it could be for a novice to handle with vstar650? Is it possible to pass MOST exam for P plate on a cruiser? Or better not to try and borrow smaller bike just to pass the exam.
  2. I passed the MOST on an XVS650 Classic. Sure, it isn't as easy as a smaller bike, but it's the bike you'll be riding on the road. Best to learn to handle it properly sooner rather than later. I'll shortly have mine for sale - just got an XVS1100 - so if you're in Sydney....

    Which reminds me, good manners to post in the welcome section, say hi and tell us a bit about yourself.
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  3. True, passing MOST exam should motivate me to learn handling a cruiser harder. Thank you for your message, it support my original wish to ride vstar650.
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  5. i passed it prety easily with a GV250

    yes it is a 250, but it was 200+kg and about the size of a mid cruiser.

    the only point i lost points was the U-turn in the cones cause i put my foot down once.

    whatever you get, if you are able to ride it slow... real slow, and stay on the pegs, you will be sweet.
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  6. I bought an XVS650 after doing my QRide training on a CB125. Obviously a big difference in agility, seating position, controls and weight (247Kg wet). If you can handle the weight transfer up front when turning real slow then you'll be fine. Just make sure its what you want and commit to mastering it.
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  7. yep, just to make sure, the next step will be go to a dealer store, seat and listen to my butt - there is an opinion that it might tell if a bike suit you or not.
  8. I have a 650 Classic, I got it after having a 250 for 8 months. Not as agile, but a smooth and reliable ride. I can handle it fine and I'm only 5ft1, you shouldn't have a problem :)
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  9. for sure! BTW I read your post about first ride - you're really lucky to get 4y.o, bike for 7k only! How did you found this deal, here on NR?
  10. I saw the bike on Bikesales. The guy who had it had put it up in Winter which didn't work out well for him. His wife wanted him to get rid of it too, otherwise he could have sold it for about $2,000 more than that and it was stock standard then. I just got lucky! I'd seen it up there a couple of months before I bought it, but I never thought I'd be able to afford such a nice looking bike. I've spent about $1,800 on it :)