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VStar 650 Cruzers Club Coffee Meet - 28th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Megabite, May 12, 2011.

  1. Why not come along to the Salford Lads Club, Port Melbourne, at 1pm on Saturday 28th May and show off your VStar 650.

    Coffee, Lunch & general chat about our trusty steeds!

    Everyone welcome - it's not limited to VStar's.

    Please reply to this thread if you intent to come along so that we can let them know how many people to expect.
  2. Me me me me me !!
  3. Oooo... that's gonna hurt.... I'm coming off night shift :p
    Ah well - lots of cola for me!
  4. I'll try to make it. My v-star needs a latte run!
  5. For now I'm in! :)
  6. Sounds great..According to my roster, I have the day off. If nothing changes, I am in.. see you all there
  7. If I'm not working... I'm in
  8. Mine got written off a year ago.
    Can I just bring a photo???
  9. That's no good streetmaster.......hope it was only the bike damaged though!

    Absolutely.........come along!
  10. Possibly be there after work in the morning
  11. Blast! Last minute im talked into working a few more hours yet....

    I'll have to give this a miss this time .. was even going to venture down there in the wet !

    Have a good meet, hope to be at the next one (if planned)
  12. Waited till 1.20pm and as there was no sign of anyone else, I took off. At least I had an enjoyable couple of hours on the bike!
  13. I must have only just missed you by a couple minutes, I had a little bit of an unplanned detour.
  15. Heh - sorry about last one - night shift was draining...

    Set the next one for a weekend when I'm NOT on nights and I'm there! :p
  16. Would love to join you all but only have thursdays off, and tues night. Let me know if anyone of you have thursday off and we can go for a cruise :) I'm based in Syarra