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vstar 650 bobber

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by subscan, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    I thought I would share some pic of my xvs 650 bobber project

    I bought a kit from Blue Collar Bobber in the states www.bluecollarbobbers.com

    The kit arrived in 12 days and the staff (Lance ) was fantastic to deal with.

    The main reason I went for a kit was I could fit it with just hand tools and no fabrication ( I only have a car bay to work in and NO experience with bikes and live in a appartment)

    While I was waiting I have found a second hand tank of ebay

    This is my first project.
    I didn't have the cash for a paint job so it gave spray cans a go on my second hand tank....Disaster It looked bad.

    So I decided to go the Faux Patina look ( I know people don't like the idea but its my bike) at least the bad bits all sort of work now. Layers of paint rubbing back and some rust special effects paint.

    I will post more photos as it progresses over the next couple of weeks

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  2. Cool!!

    Looking forward to see what you do to my bike.

  3. Had a chance to do a little more yesterday

    Very surprised how easy it was to remove the rear fender 4 bolts and 1 connector!!

    I kind of like it with out the seat

    The wiring for in blinkers and stoplight was a bit of a head ache.

    The seat and fender were straight bolt on.

    I am not so sure of the side mount stop light number plate . I think it looks a
    little heavy on a small bike.

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  4. aren't they illegal?
  5. Thanks Shady , It looks like the plate is illegal on the side.

    Any Ideas of what I could do that would still look ok . But still different?

    I could alway fit a Spato Tail light like every other bobber.

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  6. wow its guna look super cool..
    How much was the bobber kit and will you be listing the original parts for sale?
  7. Might pay to scour the shiny pipes and engine covers with steel wool and battery acid so it all matches.
  8. That looks really cool man! Where about are you based? We should get our matching bobbers out for a spin some time ;)
  9. Verrrrrrrrrrrryyy nice, love the pic without the seat..... =D>

    Would love to do one of these.. How much did the bike & kit set you back ?

    Hurry up & get some more pics on here! :D
  10. are you gonna cut & spray those pipes a matt colour & wrap them ?
  11. Jimmy_G.....Would love to go for a ride.. I am based in Fitzroy
  12. Synrgy..Thanks !!

    Not sure what to do with the pipes yet. I will put up some more pic when I get home .
  13. Ah cool, Im based in Geelong but have a shed in George St Fitzroy where I keep the bike. I work in melb too so here almost everyday.

    Have been trying to find a bobber club in vic, but doesnt seem to be any around! Might have to try to get one going :)

    How is the build goin? Dying to see some updates!
  14. Love this thing mega cool
  15. Well they say you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear, but you and jimmy-g are doing a bloody good job of proving them wrong, I'm not a yammie vstar fan, but these two are coming up trumps.
  16. I have been looking for a club too ...with no luck

    here's a quick pic with iPhone I will try and get some with the camera soon!

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