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VStar 650 bikes?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by mon_4u2c, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions in regards to similar size cruisers to the VStar 650's?

    I've sat on a few others but I've narrowed it down to this one due to weight and size for me to handle

    What would be a similar other size bike to this one? or any comments on this bike?


  2. Have you ruled out the C50 and M50 range from Suzuki?

  3. VStar650

    Thanks Mike

    I'll have to go check these one's out - just looking at them on the net they don't look bad either...

  4. Re: VStar650

    The yammy 650 might be not enough after a few month time or so
    We've got a 2005 VN800 Classic for my wife - altough she felt in love with the 650 ... but ...
    If you look at the C50 ... it is nearly or the same weight as the VN900 cruiser ! (the C50 was my 2nd choice after the Kwaka VN900) You might consider the VN 900 as well ?!

    But the yammies are IMO unbeatable in balancing the weight. (Does not mean there is a better handling) The centre of gravity is really low - so the bike feels lighter than it is. Test ride as much as you can - then make your decission !! Good luck

  5. PS : keep us posted and pics would be nice, too :wink:

  6. star650


    I sat on the vn900 felt it was a bit to big for me, my feet just reached the brakes etc...

    I've found the yamaha vstars easy for me reach in regards to short legs

    But i will try and sit on the suzuki's and see how they go

    So far VStar 650 is the one... lol
  7. There is also the VT750 from Honda ... they are all worth at least sitting on to get a feel of what is out there (best thing ever is the motorbike show they have once a year, I sat on almost every cruiser there!!) ... I think the Yamaha's have not gone FI yet thus rely on the 1100 completing with the other 750-900 FI bikes.

    One thing to remember is that the rear brake position can be adjusted and that may bring it that little bit closer ... same with the clutch/brake levers. You could ask them to set it up for you if the bike gets on to your short list.

    Weight is relative but can be managed through not over balancing and effective use of the handle bars ...

    What kinda of riding do you do ? Easy going or like to open it up occasionally?
    If the 650 has the right feel then the other bikes will offer power, no chain thus no chain maintenance, FI, water cooled, and maybe lower revs/vibration at highway speeds.

  8. owner of one

    I havent been riding too long but have gone from a vtr250 to a cbr600f to an xvs650 cruiser, luv the cruiser.
    heavy?? only when you lean it too much standing still lol
    nice comfy ride, two up no probs in pulling
    would recommend them highly!! I am 6' and find it comfortable to sit back and enjoy the ride.
  9. riding

    I am just a weekend rider... so nothing to long just an easy ride

    I think the 650 will be enough for me, i am sure i'll be able to go on the M5 with it at around 90Km? if not more

    can't wait to test ride it...
  10. Just had a quick look at the yamaha website ... the 650 looks like it has shaft drive too ... a nice package ... how much are they going for new now days ?

  11. Around 10000 - 10500 for the YAMAHA XVS650 CLASSIC.
  12. :shock: Thats the same as the M50 !!! ... hummm ...

  13. No one has brought it up and I'm a little bit reticent to mention it myself, but the Hyosung GV650 might be worth a look...
    It should be lighter and it's definately going to be cheaper...

    Edit: http://www.hyosung.com.au/Products/GV650-Aquila.html
    On paper the Hyosung should kick the Yamaha's butt.
    Of course I looked at and discounted both of these bikes as well as the Kwaka in my personal search. ;)
  14. You can have mine for $8000 if you like the look of it!!
    Shaft drive maintenance free (compared to a chain anyway)
    But you cant have the robocop helmet!! lol thats mine for good the kids take the piss out of me, but Nolan's are a good helmet if youre needing to get yourself a helmet, and try different brand helmets, different shaped heads are better fit in certain brands!! Go to a decent bike shop and get fitted out bu someone who ISNT trying to make a dollar of the sale. I can recommend Bikes Plus in Keilor Rd Niddrie, see Rocky there, very knowledgeable and an honest bloke to boot!
    good luck
  15. Stealership can do a lot better ... a lot better !
    A few month ago we shoped around - best offer was $ 9,500 ride away !!!
    South Brisbane area.

  16. thanks guys

    I actually like the mat finish on the new vstar 2008 models...

    I'll also have to check out the M50 as well...
  17. That's crazy! Two dealers here quoted me $12000 on road for 650 classic.
    is $9500 for new bike? 2007 model?

    Can you give name of dealer who offered in $9500-$10000 range?
  18. I got the 1100 14k onroad... 3k trade-in.
    Clipstone Yamaha Ringwood.

    I did buy it just as it was hitting winter if that helps? (last few days of May).

    that included $1100 of extra, which got me bags and a backrest
  19. Got mine from Bike Point

    Think they were new. So maybe on road around $12000. Have a look.
  20. What's so special about this little 650 that they can charge more for it (including onroads) than an Suzuki 800 or a Kawasaki 900?
    This is craziness.