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VRSCDX Nightrod special... I'd buy one!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robsalvv, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]




    VRSCDX Nightrod special.

    Saw one these in the flesh the other day. The rider was a christian motorcycle club patch wearer... he said there were only 4 of these in Vic... I have to tell you, it looks flamin hawt in the flesh - very very damn impressive... so much so, i'd consider getting one!! May the sportsbike gods forgive me... [​IMG]
  2. I might not buy one (I don't have a house to re-mortgage), but I would ride one.
  3. Yeah, where's the Netrider competition giving one of these babies away? ;)
  4. Right on Bravus!! :LOL:

    Seriously, the presence the bike had in the flesh knocked me for a six and I'm far from being into cruisers.

    Would this bike fit into the "sports cruiser" genre???
  5. See, God gives good gifts to His children :LOL:

    Seriously, great looking bike.
  6. Yeah it's OK :wink: , but I think I'd rather have a Sportster Nightster. Due in US end of this year but more than likely not coming here :cry:

  7. "VRSCDX Nightrod special... I'd buy one!!"

    So would I, and I have actually ridden one (but not the night rod version). :grin: Except for the typical Harley poor ground clearance it handles very well indeed, better than any cruiser I have ridden except the Yamaha Warrior, which is the only cruiser that is maybe better, but mainly because it's almost $8k cheaper.
  8. ooooh RainMann likey!!!!!!!!!