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News VOZZ RS 1.0 breaks the shackles at Sydney Motorsport Park

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Dec 15, 2015.

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    The revolutionary helmet design really needs to be seen to be believed, so here it is.


    As you can see, the helmet utilises a twin buckle system instead of a chin-strap which has critical safety and comfort benefits.

    Managing Director for VOZZ, Mark Bryant believes the design will make render traditional chin-strap helmets extinct, because it is impossible to lift-off over your head once it is clipped in, it’s easier to remove in an accident and also provides back-of-the-head support once it is removed.

    “We create and deliver innovative helmets that increase the comfort, safety and performance of people in high risk activities,” Mr Bryant said.

    “Locally designed, this helmet is a tri-composite construction that delivers a ride with no buffeting, no chin strap, no vision impairment, no neck compression and no neck restriction issues.”

    The buckles operate similar to that of a car door and have been tested well beyond the standard, Bryant said the shell ended up failing before the lock, removing much doubt about lateral blunt force trauma unsettling the locks.

    The helmet has a QR code on the side which links to an accident removal video, and emergency rooms and paramedics in Australia will be given a training video which illustrates how to safely remove the helmet in an accident.

    The VOZZ design also reduces wind noise, it does not tug on your ears or fold them and you can also wear sunglasses and gloves when taking it on and off.

    1450144312_full. The brief accident removal demonstration showed how the head is safely positioned after removing the helmet.

    On the spec sheet, the helmet weighs 1760g, which is a touch heavier than a modular style helmet, but the EPS inside the VOZZ helmet is curved to make constant contact with the head, making weight distribution more even so the helmet ends up feeling lighter.

    The comfort and security of the VOZZ RS 1.0 helmet is stellar. Once it is on, it simply stays put.

    The helmet provides plenty of peripheral vision, which was well tested on the late-apexed, look over your shoulder for what feels like an eternity turn 11 at Sydney Motorsport Park.

    On a stinking-hot day at Sydney Motorsport Park, the VOZZ RS 1.0 also proved to be well ventilated, which allowed for more relaxed, concentrated laps on the short but sharp South Circuit.


    More long-term testing will be required to evaluate how the helmet performs over longer distances.

    Ken Lovegrove from Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative (M.A.R.I) claimed to have done plenty of kilometres with the VOZZ RS 1.0, saying “it is the sweetest hat I’ve ever worn.”

    The VOZZ RS 1.0 comes with a two visors (clear and dark), a helmet bag and is available in eight standout colours – orange, white, green, silver, matt black, blue, red and black.

    Priced at $888 AUD, the VOZZ RS 1.0 comes with a three-year warranty and is now available from VOZZ Headquarters in Frenchs Forest, North Sydney.

    An online store will become live next week, and dealers will be announced soon.


    1450144607_thumb. 1450144590_thumb.

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