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Voyager 5000M alarm + DIY install?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 6ixxer, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. I've just bitten the bullet and ordered one.

    I'll be installing myself.

    The key points were proximity alarm and price mostly.
    The RF paging is a bonus but I won't be installing remote start.
    I'm not sure the RF will reach me on the 5th floor.

    Anyone using one of these?
    Any advice from the DIY install perspective?


  2. hey let us know what its like, do u mind telling how much?
  3. $115 on ebay (free post). The guy is located in Vic.

    Not bad considering Jaycar is around $60 and Ryda have Meta's for $100-150 (adding a dodgy microwave setup to a Meta would cost extra $50ish)

    No real good reviews online so I'll make sure to post the issues encountered during install, but probably not the whole process. It'll be different from bike to bike anyway.

    After i've worked everything out i'll see about putting up a review so others can make an informed decision on whether they want to try it themselves.

    I'm hoping it ends up being good value.

    I wasn't happy settling for one without proximity as i keep getting damaged ignitions.
    I don't want to have only shock sensor and it not do anything until they stick a screwdriver in the barrel. By then the damage is done.

    Would love to see how the features stack up to a Scorpio so will have to find someone with one to test along side.
  4. This looks like a rebrand of the same unit.
    I know its known by at least 3-4 names (also Spy 5000m, Beret 5000m, Internatrix tw-1000)

    Shows what the alarm kit should include.

  5. Got it in the post today...
    Will see if i can install it over the weekend
  6. Have installed it today and i'm happy with it so far.
    I've got pictures and comments to write up so will try to get them done in the next day or so.
  7. Look forward to reading that 6ixxer.

    I installed a jaycar alarm years ago - does it's job well... the "someone's messing with my bike" alert would be useful though.
  8. looking forward to the comments/pics. Same bike here so anything specific would be useful :)
  9. next day or so... 6 months... they're kinda the same 8-[
  10. Well now at least i can give a review of its performance over time.

    Summary: Awesome value bit of kit and piss easy to install yourself.

    After 6 months I've not had any issues with the alarm. I does what its supposed to.
    On level 5 of a unit complex I manage to still get the page warnings from my bike in the basement so its strong enough to penetrate/reflect around a fair bit of concrete.

    Installation really only required removal of the seat/ducktail and figuring out +ve, earth, indicators and rear light to get this thing connected.

    For +ve I found a distro block close to the battery and spliced in there. This was more an attempt to hide the wire than anything. The wire is red so tape it or replace with black as there isn't a battery backup and you'd want it to be tricky to find.

    Earth is easy, just need a bolt to the metal part of the frame.

    Connect the ignition on sensor to the brake light with a speedclip from supercheap (assuming all bikes these days run the lights when the key is turned to ON)

    Connect the flasher wires to both the rear signals with speedclips for some flashy flashy action when you press the keyfob.

    I didn't bother with immobilizing the starter (or the ghey remote start for that matter). Many new bikes have key immobilizer and no need for more really and you just want proximity/shock. Also I've had too many alarms fail and immobilize the car leaving you stranded and I don't want that happening on the bike.

    Running the LED to the front cowl was a little fiddly

    The main unit was cabletied and taped to inside the ducktail so it picks up shock well enough.

    Siren and microwave sensor clip in easy. locate the siren whereever it fits and put the microwave so that it points through a plastic part of your ducktail towards the front of the bike (most sports have a angled plastic behind the seat thats an ideal spot, dunno for cruiser)

    The antenna can also easily fit in the ductail.
  11. I've had my proximity on max sensitivity since i installed it and yes it goes off more than many may like, but I intend for this alarm to really piss people off so they keep the fk away from my bike from now on.

    Adjust as you please.
    Results may vary.

    It reports a Green (low level) warning to the keyfob and a [ ] symbol + beeps so you can have a look and then ignore.
    The stickybeak gets a few short sharp chirps to warn them away (at 140db they are quite sharp)

    If it goes to stage 2 because they continue to hang around it goes yellow + [ ] and slightly more frantic beeping.
    The persistent twat gets a full alarm for 15-20 sec

    Shock sensor shows a hammer symbol and goes straight to level 2. This is when I get my butt down to the garage to hurl some abuse at whoever is near the bike.
    Some very loud exhausts can trigger shock though if they pass by closely.

    Ignition sensor goes stright to level 3 (Red) and all sirens and lights go crazy as you'd expect.
  12. Thanks for that. :)

    Proximity eh? Sounds like a good feature.
  13. Apparently if parked in rain then the rain can trigger prox warnings so theres an easy(ish) procedure you can do from the remote to disable proximity. Also useful if you park next to the walkway at the shops and you don't want to draw unnecessary attention from constant alerts.

    I really like this thing and think its the best value bike security item i've bought.
    I constantly got the shits with disc locks and ground anchor.

    With those I either got lazy and didn't put them on ot the a*holes attempted to steal it and break my ignition regardless.
  14. That was no#1 on my list of requirements.

    Shock sensor may only go off while they're breaking your ignition and thats too late. I've had 4 broken ignitions.

    They seem to break ignition first and then realise they can't get away with it and leave you with the inconvenience.

    Most bike alarms require you to pay a premium price to get one with proximity (ala scorpio). This one has this great feature at reasonable price.
    Others could be hacked to include a microwave sensor but they go straight to full alarm, no warning stages.
  15. I rekon NR members should approach Tradeworks from ebay directly and see if he'll do a group buy. Theres too many new riders who don't protect their bikes well enough and I think this would help save many thefts of convenience on bikes that don't warrant the likes of a scorpio.

    Might be able to get them all delivered for under $100ea if he's feeling generous.
    Than it'd be garage day time to do multiple installs simultaneously.

    One guy with a multimetre can help solve the possible 'which wire is +ve' questions.
  16. Cheers 6ixxer. I thought I remembered looking at these last year :). Most alarms with prox are $300+ so I'm definitely interested. Lets see about a group buy! I'm happy to organize
  17. Have you tested the max range on it? A claimed 5km is pretty impressive (and christ getting a signal frmo basement to level 5 is no mean feat). I doubt I'd ever be more than a k away from the bike so that should be plenty.

    EDIT: hmm, leaving it armed in the garage could get a bit hairy if it's that sensitive though
  18. Hopefully using the search function pays off and you're all still active members -_-

    I just installed this as well and i've only managed to do it a few times. How do you disarm the alarm without it automatically arming itself again 10 seconds later? I see nothing in the manual...
  19. I usually flick a peg (spring loaded) or bang the side of the undertail where the alarm unit is located. It stops it from re-arming.
  20. I dont see how that disarms it lol.. it does get my LED to flash though.

    Does movement after disarming disable the auto-arm as it thinks you're moving the bike

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