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VIC Vote Marcus Wigan for RACV Director

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Wolve, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Professor Marcus Wigan is well known nationally and internationally for his passion for bicycles and motorcycles (and, oddly freight vehicles...) but perhaps less well known to MRAV members as an authority on transport data, Intelligent Transport Systems, electronic road pricing, and surveillance and privacy aspects of transport... All issues that affect motorcyclists in a broader sense.

    Worse than that he also works on energy strategies for small nations and campaigns in academic publications for the empowerment of the community in active data and model supported participation in planning. It is rumoured that he sleeps on alternate leap years. All heavy stuff, but for the last three years he has been a Partner in the Volvo Centre of Excellence at Melbourne University on the Governance and Management of Urban Transport.

    We'd all like to see him elected so that there was someone of proven independence of mind and a wide range of relevant expertise on the Board and one who also understood motorcycling and cycling very well.

    In fact he is standing because we explicitly asked him to...

    He has a website at http://www.mwigan.com/mrw/Welcome.html where he will be posting updates on developments, and responses to queries and comments. Tweeting on MarcWigan and is adding relevant information to his FaceBook page.


    And on another note, the newsletter is out...
  2. Go Marcus!

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  3. I just had a class with Marcus at university (not at all related to motorcycling, but I did get to see his bike). I spoke with him a bit, he's definitely a great guy! He went out of his way to help out by talking with me about future study options and other things. In terms of character, I'd wouldn't hesitate to vote for him, and he certainly knows motorcycles - not just as a sport and passion, but as a daily commuter as well.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I'm an RACV member, how do I vote?!
  6. Ditto to Rob's question.
  7. A reliable source tells me that:

    Ballot papers will be distributed in late September with the close of the ballot being 5.00pm EST on Thursday, 13 October 2011.

    The results will be declared at the RACV Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 15 November 2011.

    So keep an eye on your mail box! Im glad glad Marcus got enough nomination support votes. :)

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  8. 3 racv members here
  9. Thanks for the notice, Grant. Shall not chuck out any RACV paraphernalia without reading it first.
  10. Every votes counts however Marcus Wigan will not win. You watch.

    2007: Netta Griffin 44,109
    2007: Prof Peter Chandler 32,655

    2007: Dr M Wigan 15,693
    2007: M Palmer 11,030
    2007: I Ray 9,194
    2007: M Parameswaran 5,686
    2007: G Welsh 4,682
    2007: P Richards 3,367

    Total Votes: 126,416

    2006: Paula Piccinini 21,757
    2006: Dr Michael Heffernan 19,797

    2006: David Mattei 18,950
    2006: Dr M Wiggan 16,390
    2006: I Ray 11,752
    2006: P Richards 3,920

    Total votes 92,509

    2002: Paula Dwyer 29,792
    2002: John Rawlins 16,280

    2002: Dr Marcus Wiggan 14,844
    2002: Stephen Mayne 9,822
    2002: Bill Ellerton 9,615
    2002: Neil Stenshouse 3,771

    Total votes 84,124

    2001: Netta Griffin 13,692
    2001: Prof Peter Chandler 12,922

    2001: Dr Marcus Wigan 7,506
    2001: Councillor Perry 5,939
    2001: Bill Ellerton 4,649
    2001: William Jacobs 2,785
    2001: Geoff Richards 2,678

    Total votes 50,171
  11. Make no mistake - the existing lot will work hard to stop him. Hopefully this time he'll get up. previously he didn't really work hard for votes. He made the mistake of assuming that just being a good candidate would do the trick.

    This time around he's going to look at getting votes from motorcyclists and cyclists, two areas that he has a huge expertise in and a lot of involvement with.
  12. Is there an equivalent thread on the Bicycles Vic and other cycling forums?
  13. I have no idea Rob, perhaps someone who is a member on those forums could start one.

    Point out the following

    Emeritus Member, Bicycle Transportation Committee ANF20: Transportation Research Board, USA

    Member: Bicycle Institute of Victoria

    Wigan, M. R., Grashoff, P., & Benjamins, M. (2010). Cooperative web based bicycle routing database for trip planning including dynamic weather integration, SIRWEC (Standing International Road Weather Commission) 15th Annual International Conference 5-7 Feb. 2010. Quebec Canada.

    Wigan, M. R., & Smith, N. C. (1997). Performance Indicators and Metrics for a National Bicycle Strategy. Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board 76th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA.

    Wigan, M. R., & Smith, N. C. (1996). Creating ANBI: the Australian National Bicycle Information Base. Paper presented at the Velo Australis "Bicycles; a global solution to local problems": International Bicycle Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia.

    Wigan, M. R., Brunton, P. J., & Richardson, A. J. (1996). Modelling the demand for bicycle trails (Consultancy Report). Melbourne: Transport Research Centre for Melbourne Parks and Waterways.

    and a whole heap more...
  14. There's a limited number of stickers available (as in Grant's original post) =- email Grant (or PM him) if you want one.

  15. Being that Ralph Wigan would do a better job for all road users than the RACV has done, how could Marcus not walk into the job. He seems quite reasonable from what I have seen in the heavy vehicle industry.
  16. anyone that receives there ballot paper in the mail can you post HERE and give everyone the heads up .. Cheers
  17. Still waiting!

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. I was strongly considering dropping my RACV membership and going with some other form of roadside assist as they've been making anti-bike noises recently. I might hold off now and vote for this guy and see if he gets in.
  19. I'm a member, I don't normally bother voting but this time I will :)
  20. Its a curious activity, the RACV constitution states that Directors must be under 71 years of age. Mr Wigan reaches this in March, which means he would be able to sit on a total of three board meetings before stepping down.