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vote for your favorite!!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ward_4e, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Option 1

  2. Option 2

    0 vote(s)
  3. Option 3

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  4. Option 4

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  5. Option 5

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  6. Option 6

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  1. hey people I'm trying to decide on getting some prints and I want your opionon on some images! yes I do value your opinons... :p but seriously which should I get a framed poster of...

    option 1

    option 2

    option 3

    option 4

    option 5

    option 6

    option 7
  2. oh tough call ....

    3 & 5 are my fav's out of that pick
  3. I like them all. Option 4 if I had to chose.

  4. :idea:

    Why note get someone to take a picture of you :?:
  5. Re: :idea:

    because i'm ugly as sin :LOL: nah I've been thinking of getting prints for a while and acouple of these shots are hot...
  6. Even with a helmet on, man you must be ugly! :p :LOL: :wink:
  7. 4's my vote. looks awesome.
  8. well you know what they say mate... beauty may be skin deep but ugly cuts right to the bone!!! :LOL:

    nah my helmet works a treat... and I'm not that ugly i'm just umn unique!! :LOL:
  9. 4... Has some real character in it
  10. I think option 1, only cos I wish I could do that sort of thing. :)
  11. I like 3 the best. Good composition.

    4 seems to be popular, but the green bike and gear with the green foliage is just too much IMHO.
  12. Number 3 is the best i'd go that
  13. I'd agree number 3 is the go... good framing, colour contrast, action and the focus.

    Number 4 is a cooler action shot ... but the actual photo isn't as good to look at.
  14. option 6 is my choice
    serious air
    blurred trees
    looks excellent
  15. Yep looks like the general consences.
    Now get Dave off his butt & print them off :LOL:

    LOL wave hello across the room for me will you :LOL:
  16. I voted 6, i like the composition :D
    just hope it's sharp enough for your print
  17. My choice is option 8. :) Really it's 1.
  18. My vote was 4. Nice shot.
  19. 3
    excellent focus, nicely framed, action shot