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Vote for this guy.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stokedpaz, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Lowercase can't post new threads at the moment, but would like you guys to vote for this dude in his quest to become a model.

    She thinks he is hot and really wants him to win! She has already created 12 new email accounts just so she can vote and hopefully win his love.


  2. it's all absolutely true. i want him to be my wife so he can do the housework for me xoxoxo
  3. Does he ride a skooter? Does he argue with bike shop owners?
  4. Not sure, but I think he is offended by comments about boobs...
  5. probably.

    either way, the thingy made it so anyone in britain and over 18 can enter, thus, this dude. i think his friends entered him. either way - WOOOOOOO! go ronald!

    he's currently in first place.
  6. LOL. Tells you something about Britain right there.
  7. equal opportunities?
  8. that they think it's funny and are voting for him to get him to win instead of someone actually sexy? yes.

    the other models in the top 10 aren't too bad, but there's like 2 in there apart from ronald that just don't make sense either....
  9. Perhaps its more a satiric comment on the people who put on these reality meat markets. :(
  10. Holly, you are a worry sometimes.
  11. Nearly hot enough to make me 'turn'.
  12. hehehehe

    i think it's funny that the people that are in the lead are the type of people that a modelling comp wouldn't want in it at all :p