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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jul 28, 2010.

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  2. 62.5% Labor
    37.5% Greens

    Which is a shame because they both piss me off quite a lot. Pity the Dems have now completely disappeared, just as I've decided to forgive them for not getting a better deal on the GST.
  3. Labor 12.5
    Lib 56.3
    Greens 31.3

    hmmm, not quite what i was thinking
  4. I'm a past demorat voter and it shows:

    Lab 43.8
    Lib 25
    Green 31.3

    That's decided it for me. My protest vote will go to the Greens. Every other looney will get my preferences and libs will be last. My vote will ultimately go to labor but not before they've seen my vote X times because they had to distribute my preferences X times. This oughta get the message across that I'm pissed at them.

    I live in a safely labor electorate so there's little chance of the Green's getting up. My vote will be getting it's maximum benefit! Woot!
  5. 25% Labour
    62.5% LNP
    12.% Green.

    I will have to revisit that so its 0% Green
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  7. Lab 50%
    Lib 6.3%
    Green 46.8%

    I'll be doing the same as Rob except if there are any loonie god botherers on the ticket, in which case they'll go last.

    Some of the policy decisions, I wanted to pick a bit of this and a bit of that from each of the parties.

    I'm very much in favour of the NBN as this country has ordinary internet speeds at extraordinary prices. I live in the country and my options are pitiful. I'd be waiting decades to get reasonable broadband if I waited for the private sector to get it's shit together.
  8. Bugger, I've only got 3 candidates and I live in the countries second most marginal seat.

    I did join the Labor candidates Facebook page and had a good bleat about the Internet Filter and a week later Labor put it on the back burner. So it must have been me.
  9. But you've got the Socialist Alliance...

    ... hopes the Australian people will send a message to the Australian government that it must join with countries like Bolivia to seek real solutions to climate change

    All those alpaca farms starting up acorss the country must really be contributing to the methane emissions :)
  10. how come? Because you cant bear the thought that you agree with their approach to a particular political issue?

    No need to fix the results - just indicates where you sit on the political spectrum.
  11. Standing for the Senate like usual of course :wink:.

    Same here. Trouble is, under our current political system (and any other workable one that I'm aware of), you get the package, which will inevitably lead to having to vote for policies you disagree with.

    We've got a local nutter who's constantly banging on about the commercial potential of llama trekking. I've always wondered why until now.
  12. me too, but I cant in good consience support policy for a mandatory net filter.
  13. Labor 18.8
    Lib 50
    Greens 31.3

    I'm 100.1% sure I find the results very interesting...and not totally expected.

    I want NBN but unfiltered!! :D
  14. 18.8% Labor
    37.5% Liberal
    43.8% Green

    I'm happy with that......
  15. You obviously want someone who'll go that little bit extra... :)
  16. 25% Labor
    25% Libs
    50% Greens

    Wow im a greenie hmmm save the trees people, peace to you my brothers
  17. 62.5% Labor
    18.8% Liberal
    18.8% Greens

  18. Sadly the Liberal Party refuse to say that they are against it so I figure they are actually for it.
  19. Because I detest the greens and everything they stand for and I cant bear the thought of having just 1% of me agreeing with them. Then again, labour is just as bad, gillard has two hands up her arse, one is the bob browns, the other is the thug unions.

    Hate to say it, but having been a staunch labour supporter all my life I turned on them in the last state election, and now I will be turning on them in this federal election.
  20. As far as I can tell The Greens are the only party to actually stand for something other than getting elected. Both Gillard and Abbott are trying to be small targets and not showing any vision or leadership.

    While I despised Howard, at least he had to the balls to do things that he believed in. So did Keating and Hawke.

    It's all about focus groups, internal polling and doing as little as possible so no one can complain about what you are doing.