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N/A | National Vote “No Motorcycle Safety Levy" - write on campaign, VSRA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Here's a campaign being run by the Scooter riders lobby group in Victoria, VSRA. Fresh off the presses. What do you think?

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    “No Motorcycle Safety Levy write on campaign”.

    The Victorian Scooter Riders Association (VSRA) asks that all motor scooter and motorcycle organisations support the “No Motorcycle Safety Levy write on campaign”.

    We are all aware there will shortly be a federal Election, it is not well known that in Australia voters are allowed to write a message on the blank portion of ballot papers, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have confirmed that providing the written message does not obscure the numbered squares the ballot paper remains valid.

    The Federal Election is a massive opportunity for all motorcyclist to let the AEC and all Politicians know the full depth of support for the removal of the motorcycle safety levy.

    This method of protesting is proven and effective; during the December 1981 Tasmanian referendum 33% of all voters wrote “No Dams” on their ballot papers, this saw the “No Dams” campaign promoted at the Federal Election in 1982 with great effect. The “No Dams” write up campaign delivered a 40% write up in the December 1982 Flinders bye election in March 1982 and a 12% write up during the Lowe bye election in the same year. The AEC and election scrutineers reported this extraordinary support and surge of public opinion. This resulted in the ALP promising not to build the Franklin Dam, a pledge that was honoured by Bob Hawke when the ALP came to office using a “No Dams” policy platform in March 1983.

    By participating in the “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY” write on campaign, Motorcycle and Scooter riders can at the coming Federal Election together stand up and be noticed saying NO to the motorcycle safety levy.

    Please pass this message on, attached are sample ballot papers marked “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY”, the VSRA requests all motorcycle and scooter riders be encouraged to take part in this campaign, because together we can make a difference!

    Stephen Bardsley
    Spokesperson - VSRA

    Write on Campaign 4.
  2. motorcycle levy is a state tax, not federal. dumb as bat shit
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  3. It's good to see the VSRA being proactive.
  4. Motorcycle safety levy is being introduced in SA. But yes, the state versus national contradiciton did cross my mind.

    Is the advice regarding informal voting correct?

    Here's a page that supports the advice - this one would be right up SRA's alley.

  5. Well I am voting for AMEP (Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party), if you guys want to piss your votes away, go for it.​
  6. Levy is a name. If they want to be anal they may see it as a form of identification in the vote that would invalidate the vote.
  7. "No motorcycle safety Levy" is a direction to Levy if Levy is a name. It doesn't identify the voter.

    I'm concerned whether the words identifying the voters as a motorcyclist is enough to render the vote informal as it identifies a demographic rather than the actual voter him/herself.
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  8. So just reading about the no dams campaign. There was a referendum on the location of the dam. No dams was not an option so people wrote it in.

    No dam votes were initial considered informal.

    There is no referendum on the motorcycle levy here so it is entirely irrelevant and risks spoiling your vote. Way better off writing to a minister.
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  9. No speed cameras would be a better option as that's across all states
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  10. the only message I'm going to be writing on my ballot paper is 'none of the above' as they are all a bunch of useless wankers
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  11. Given I doubt the AEC actually cares and the Politicians won't get to see it, I fail to see the point.
  12. Maybe, but it's not much of an issue for the scoots.

  13. Really?

    You really think the politicians are going to see anything that is written on the ballot papers?

    You really think the people counting the ballot papers are going to read anything you write on them?
  14. Australian Sex Party made me fkn LOL

    In all seriousness though AMEP has the potential to make a serious impact and they deserve the vote if their views agree with you. They have reps in every state already and have secured the funding needed and you will see them on the ballot.
  15. I really don't think public voting has much bearing on the overall result.......

    Voters are incidental to an election.
  16. No not really. But it costs nothing, not even your vote. Which is completely worthless anyway. Might make a small difference for a really big issue though.
  17. Yes. The vote is formal if the boxes can be clearly seen and all are filled in. Anything else is superfluous, provided you do to cross out candidates names and write in others.

    Politicians themselves will not see it, but their scrutineers will. It will only register though if there is 30% plus doing it, in lots of electorates. Otherwise it won't even get a mention. Writing to politicians is better. Emailing them is easy, but ask for a reply.
  18. Can someone please show me the AEC reference that categorically says I can do this.

    Just directing me to a Blog that says I can, doesn't make me feel comfortable. If someone can show me - in writing that the AEC says its OK - that would be nice.

    I know have been told that someone has contacted the AEC - but for me that's hearsay - if its legal then tell the world about it. Would make a great controversial media release. Neil Mitchell would feed on this for days is he heard about it....