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vOOdsy lil big adventure into NSW

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vOOdsy, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Hey guys...gonna do a bike trip on my Spada into NSW and was after some advice on the roads and whether my plans are a bit ambitiou for a noobie. I haven’t done a “road trip” as such, so my perception of distance and riding time will be next to nil.

    1The longest trip I’ve done was Alexandra to Phillip Island on the GP weekend. Looking to leave 29th Jan and hoping to be back before the Chinese New Year (9th Feb), or else I will be disowned by the family.

    So here's a very rough plan of my intended path:

    Day 1
    Alexandra → Mansfield → Benalla → Wangaratta → Bright → Tawonga → Kiewa → Corryong = 479km

    Day 2
    Corryong → Jindabyne via Alpine Way → Cooma → Canberra → Batemans Bay = 361km

    Day 3
    Batemans Bay → Bega → Eden → Cann River → Orbost → Lakes Entrance = 463km

    Day 4
    Lakes Entrance → Pakenham → Healesville → Alexandra.

    I have viewed other threads like the Corryong ride and Alpine Way threads, and it appear going through Corryong and the Alpine Way through Kosciuszko will provide some nice twisties.

    Wanted to go through to Omeo from Bright, but I think I will have to back track a little.

    I will be riding town to town, so if you think I should divert off else to see some spectacular sights (Eg. Water falls, rock paintings, giant pineapples) then please do suggest. But my main goal is twisty roads and takings pics of scenery places.

    Also any recommendation on places to stay would be really helpfull. And if anyone wants to tag along, that’d be cool.

  2. nice little 4 day trip, Corryong to Jindabyne is about 120km of twisties, great fun. The pub in Corryong is a good bike friendly place to stay $40 a night and a good cheap meal. Clydes hill between Canbera and Batemans bay take it easy she's a biatch.
    Don't fuel up at Thredbo, shocking fuel there. Do the run upto charlottes pass there's still some snow up there if you want to walk to it :)

    anyway Day 2 is some big riding, allow 2 hours min for Corryong to Thredbo plus sightseeing time, Cooma to Batemans also another big section. Will be a full days ride
    when i find my sights list i'll pop some up for you
  3. Small suggested amendment

    Day 1
    Alexandra → Mansfield → Benalla → Wangaratta → Bright → Tawonga → Kiewa → Corryong = 479km

    Day 1
    Alexandra → Mansfield → Tolmie→ Whitfield→ Milawa→ Bright → Tawonga → Kiewa → Corryong = 479km

    I gather you like twisties. If you haven't taken the tolmie road, you are in for a treat.

    How are you planning on getting from Kiewa to Corryong? Consider turning left about 10k past Talangatta and taking the Granya Gap road, and the old Murray Valley Highway that follows the river. Consider accommodation at Jingellic (Haven't stayed there, but I have heard good things about it) or better still, Tintaldra, renowned as a bike friendly pub. The publican has a collection of classics that you might just get to see if you catch him in the right mood. I've stayed there a few times. Food is excellent, accommodation fairly typical old country pub, breakfast served on the verandah is priceless, and the atmosphere in the bar at night is memorable.

    The alternative route from Corryong to Cooma, Via Cabramurra and Adaminaby is also fairly rewarding.

    On the return journey, consider heading inland rather than going via Eden. Look for Brown Mountain on a good map. Bombala advertises itself as bike friendly. The Cann valley Hwy is a memorable road.

    That last day could be horrible or quite nice. My usual detours from that boring road include turning off at Stratford and going via Maffra and Heyfield to Tyers (where I seem to always refuel). From there I usually end up going through Mirboo North and Poowong. But if I were headed for Alexandra, I'd be continuing past Tyers, round the back of Yallourn to Willow grove, Noojee, Yarra Junction, and then Warberton, the Reefton, Marysville and home. Healesville and the black spur might be a reasonable alternative ending.

    You *do* like twisties, don't you?

  4. Suggest: Alex-M'field-Whitfield (don't miss the Powers Lokout along here)-up to Milawa-Bright-Tawonga Gap-Kiewa-Tallangambalanga (bloody mouthful)-once outta town keep going straight ahead up some gap, down the other side turn left towards Tallangatta,- main rd turn right towards Corryong, about 8 km turn left up the Granya Gap onto the banks of the murray-turn right through Walwa- Tintaldra. Stay at pub in Tintaldra...or go to Khancoban (start of Alpine Rd, pub or Caravan Park/Cabins).
    Book for 2 nights. Bypass just about all main roads.

    Tintaldra (Khancoban-Jindabyne, turn left off the Alpine Rd. to Smiggin Holes/ Charlottes Pass return ride to Jindabyne. Getting into Jindy, turn right at the first roundabout, follow Rd about 5km, turn left to Dalgety, in Dalgety to Berridale-Adaminiby-Kiandra, turn towards Corryong-back to Khancoban (Tintaldra) quick return to the tumut2 power station along here is fine :))

    Tindaldra(Khancoban) -north to Tooma-Tumbarumba-Tumut-south again up the Snowy Mtn Hwy to Cooma- down Brown Mtn to Bega-Tathra on the coast (Pub)

    Tathra-Bega-Princess Hwy south a few km-Candelo-Wyndham-Bombala-Delegate-Bonang Hwy (20km dirt-another 115km sealed twisties :))-Orbost-Backroad to Buchan-Bruthen-Omeo (Pub on the hill/ Caravan Park Cabin)

    Day 5: Omeo-Mt. Hotham-Bright-Milawa-Whitfield-Mansfield-Alex
    Sorry, had to add the extra day :)
    If you got more than that, yell out :)
  5. Thanx for the suggestion guys.

    Shabby: Not sure about Charlottes PAss at this stage, but we'll see on the day. Clydes Hill, when you say this section is bad, how so?

    Moike: My run on the way back maybe too demanding if i decide to go through Reefton. MAffra to Noojee, sounds good. Will definately incorporate this into my plan.

    glitch_oz: Damn, you must do some real motorcycling. Had to look real close at the Melways for the towns u mentioned :wink: . Just a question, when i get to Delegate , do i go to Bendoc then Orbost or Bendoc to Bondoc then Orbost??

    A general comment, Mansfield to Whitfield, according to my Melways appears to be a section of unsealed road. Is this correct?

    Gonna have to visit the RACV shop for some maps me finks.

    Thx again for the suggestion peoples.
  6. Read our Sydney ride report from October, 8 netriders left Melb for Sydney 2 had to turn back on day 2 due to work commitments other 6 kept going 2 days going 2 days there & 2 days back. 2 of us on L plates including chicken shit me, all good good but Kiewa is a Gen Store open during daylight hours only, blink & you've missed it by miles!
  7. Bendoc bondoc wot the hell r u on a boc?

    I just did this ride a few days ago. From Delegate you just keep following the road through to Bonang and then Orbost (theres no turning involved).

    There's also NO dirt from the Whitfield to Mansfield run.

    I highly recommend you go the Glitch route cos he does know the best roads and how to do them. If you're really good I may even join you but i doubt it. :)
  8. lol...Bendoc to Bondoc...sorry, sleep deprived. Delegate to Bonang was what i was trying to say.
  9. As said, it's Delegate, then following the signs to Orbost/ Bonang.
    Before the first 8km (NSW side) of dirt, there's a fork, just follow the signposted (Orbost/Bonang) route, I think it goes through Bendoc/ whatever, the other runs into the top of Bonang. Both routes merge again south of Bonang. Fill up in Delegate/ Bombala when coming from the north. They've been slowly extending the asphalt on both sides, there could be a small roadworks section then.
    Preferrably do the "Bonang" early in the morning, when the overnight-moisture holds down the dust a bit. It's fairly unknown yet and it's a ripper.
    From Orbost/ Buchan/ Bruthen (if not going up Omeo/ Hotham/Bright) go to Bairnsdale (Bruthen-Bairnsdale=radar), outta Bairnsdale and 2-3 km later turn south/parallel to the Hwy via Bengworden/ Meerlieu, joining the Pricess just before Stratford. Through Stratford, then turn to Maffra/Heyfield/ Cowwarr/Toongabbie/ Glengarry/ Tyers/Yallourn North.
    Just stay on the road to a T-junction, turn left, then right again towards Willow Grove/ Noojee/Powelltown/ Launching Place.
    Turn right to Warburton, follow road, turn left up the Reefton to Marysville.

    Again, good riding/ the most twisties you could possibly string together and mostly away from speedtraps.
    Same goes for the previously posted stuff (watch for radar between Kiandra/Adaminiby and on to Cooma/Nimmitabel/ Brown Mountain.
    Road's on wide-open plains, they'll get you from miles away. Same Bombala/Delegate.
  10. I'll have one of those!

  11. Me too especially if it improves my riding! lol!
  12. Have you tried being the pillion instead of the rider? That may help.
  13. God will get you for that & if SHE doesn't I sure will pmsl!
  14. Wot...a talkback GPS ?
    On one of those pushie-handlebar mounted babyseats?
    Copping all the bugs for you?

    Kiss my arse, buster!! :D :D
  15. Oh jeez, with me on the bars you'll have other problems than improving your riding :D :D :D [/quote]
  16. There is a guy i know in games, calls himself Drzzzt. Reckons he's been on few rides with you Glitch. Since I've been around I haven't really known you to go on any group rides. I was just wondering why? Is it cos your just bored of all these roads because you've done them before or is it becuase you just don't like the chaos that a group ride with strangers can bring?
  17. [/quote]

    You haven't seen me ride have you?
  18. I take it that's a "yes"?

  19. ...you talked me into it, now bear the consequences :) :)
    Can you tuck me behind the screen?